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Medium- and Large-size Infrared Multi-touch Solutions to Grow Above 20%

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Leading overlays manufacturer ZaagTech expressed optimism on the industry momentum in the next 5 years, as they predict in a recent report, standardized solutions, such as multi-touch panels, will be leading the trajectory at growth north of 20%.

ZaagTech, a leading provider of medium- and large-size infrared multi-touch solutions, showed confidence towards the future market growth in a recent report. “Compound annual growth rate of the medium- and large-size multi-touch overlay market is forecasted to be above 20% within the next five years. Although the traditional single-/dual touch overlays is still the market mainstream, we expect the latest released Windows 8 OS to become an emerging driver for the growth of multi-touch market, eventually TOUCH will be available everywhere as it is natural human behavior.” commented Olivia Yin, COO of ZaagTech.

With the continuous improvement of information technology across industries worldwide, multi-touch technology is now widely used in various fields including finance, telecommunications, public media, entertainment, news broadcast, conferencing, traffic monitoring, hotels, hospitals and education. It has become one of the key application types for human-computer interaction technology in stationary facilities and digital signage. Today the challenge for multi-touch technology is further raised when the market shows the demand for large multi-touch overlays of more than 10.4 inch.

While various touch technologies compete with each other in the market, there is not a single technology that can meet all the application requirements for every situation. In this “multi-touch era”, it is the particular technology’s multi-touch capability and its effectiveness that grabs the market potential.

“Among the existing technologies, the projected capacitive touch (PCT), infrared and optical imaging technologies best support the multi-touch function. Taking cost into consideration, small multi-touch overlays predominantly use PCT technology; ultra-large multi-touch overlays are powered by optical imaging technology while infrared technology has the edge over large multi-touch overlays and medium-size multi-touch overlays which didn’t show obvious advantage in single-touch era,” added Mr. Qi Yang, ZaagTech co-founder and CEO. “For instance, in 2009 approximately 20% of the 20-50” multi-touch overlays used infrared technology and about half of the above 50” overlays employed optical imaging technology. Essentially, it is the multi-touch capability and its effectiveness that determines the winner in the market competition. Comparing in terms of size scalability, operational stability, transmittance or cost-effectiveness, infrared multi-touch technology is undoubtedly the best choice.”

According to Olivia Yin, part of the growth stimulus for multi-touch outlays would come from steady growth in self-service kiosks, digital signage and specialized AV equipments. More importantly, the growth would be spurred on by the rapid development of touch screen computers and televisions, together with keen demand for interactive electronic whiteboards by the education and training sectors.

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About ZaagTech

ZaagTech was founded in May 2010 by a team of engineers from Silicon Valley and an MBA from Harvard Business Scool. The company now has 15 patents, 40 engineers, three offices and two production lines. The firm has developed strategic collaboration with China Unicom, LG, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, etc., and has received multiple governmental awards. ZaagTech has become a recognized brand for product innovation, commitment to quality and technical leadership in the field.

“Touching Life, Connecting More”. ZaagTech’s mission is to create high-end multi-touch products for use at home and office at the most affordable prices. The team members are enthusiastic in research, development, and production in the multi-touch market and the firm achieves results with products that use visually rich, intuitive, and powerful techniques. For more information, please visit

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