Saturday, September 23, 2023

NW Ga Public Health introduces gas pump television for health messages

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Northwest Georgia Public Health is first in Georgia and among the first nationwide, to use at-the-gas-pump television to deliver public health messaging.

“We’re working with Gas Station TV (GSTV), the largest national away-from-home television network, to deliver 30-second spots promoting the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line to a captive audience at a natural pause point in their day when they can’t channel surf or skip past the message with a DVR,” explained Health Services Program Manager Lisa Greeby.

“We have people’s undivided attention; there’s no multi-tasking, just pumping” Greeby said. “Using GSTV, we’re able to reach viewers at the pump in nine of our ten counties with one-to-one public health messaging. The four-week buy will deliver about a quarter-of-a-million impressions at nine northwest Georgia Walmart multi-pump, multi-screen gas stations.”

Greeby said at-the-pump television is an effective, targeted media buy. GSTV delivers Nielsen Media Research-verified information on viewership, demographics, dwell time, network size and recall. “When you’re going head-to-toe with the tobacco industry on a comparatively infinitesimal budget, it’s crucial every penny is spent wisely and cost-effectively,” said Greeby. “We get that with GSTV.”

Public health research studies show northwest Georgia’s per capita tobacco-use rates for adults and youth are considerably higher than the state average. Not surprisingly, lung cancer rates in Georgia’s northwest quadrant also surpass the state average. “Public health works hard to prevent people, especially children, from ever starting to smoke,” Greeby said, but we also work hard to help people quit.”

Northwest Georgia Public Health’s Georgia Tobacco Quit Line awareness campaign is being executed in conjunction with the Georgia State Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Use Prevention Program.

Source: Gas Station TV

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