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Prysm Launches Interactive Solutions at ISE 2012

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LPD Solutions Bring Gesture and Touch-Screen Technologies out of People’s Pockets and Homes and Into the Enterprise

Digital display innovators, Prysm, have unveiled the company’s first interactive displays featuring multi-touch and gesture recognition capabilities during this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam, January 31 – February 2. Powered by Prysm’s revolutionary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, the new solutions support a variety of interactive commands including gesture recognition, on-screen touch, remote touch and touchpad input, separately or concurrently.

“Prysm’s Interactive Solutions bring the interactive technologies consumers constantly engage with on their smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, to the enterprise like never before,” said Prysm CEO and Co-Founder, Amit Jain. “Our customers can now experiment with an exciting range of applications- from augmented-reality shopping, to interactive boardroom conferences, to highly immersive and engaging presentations. The way people interact with and experience digital content is changing and Prysm’s displays are leading the way.”

Prysm’s Interactive Solutions elevate the company’s captivating digital displays into immersive experiences that offer revolutionary new ways to engage with people, digital content and brands. As many as 32 simultaneous on-screen or remote touch points can be integrated into any LPD solution, and allow people to interact with the displays from virtually anywhere in the world in a telepresence environment for example. Available at the time of initial purchase or as an optional upgrade to any LPD installation, the interactive technologies can be integrated into any of Prysm’s pre-configured displays and enclosures, or any custom configuration.

This week, Prysm will showcase the first interactive LPD display.  Prysm’s multi-touch display functions and gesture recognition software is the ideal solution for engaging retail environments, transportation centers, entertainment venues, boardroom presentations and broadcast studio backdrops.

Prysm’s LPD solutions break away from traditional display technologies by offering freeform flexibility, long-lasting performance, lifelike, lifesize and HD imagery that captivates audiences in any setting. Built on solid-state lasers that deliver brilliant image quality and the fastest video content, Prysm’s displays provide striking video viewable from 178-degrees. Running off of a standard 110V outlet and using up to 75% less power than traditional backlit or projection technology-based products, Prysm’s displays create high impact brand experiences without the need for special power or cooling infrastructure.

About Prysm:
Prysm, Inc. has invented a new display platform based on the Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology that it owns entirely. LPD is a large format display platform that can be organized in any size or shape to support a wide range of complete solutions for a variety of commercial markets. When compared to traditional technologies, LPD offers brilliant life-like and life-size displays which deliver truly immersive experiences, while offering the lowest cost of ownership and meeting the highest standards of environmental impact. Prysm is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California with sales offices in New York, San Jose, London and Dubai.

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