Thursday, June 20, 2024

Telelogos Partners with TDSA for UK Distribution of Media4Display Software

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London, UK – Telelogos, a leading French specialist in digital signage, data synchronization, and device management, has today announced the appointment of The Digital Signage Agency (TDSA) as its exclusive UK distribution partner for the acclaimed Media4Display digital signage management software. This strategic partnership marks the first time Media4Display will be available in the UK market.

Under the new agreement, TDSA will be responsible for the sale, implementation, and support of all Media4Display licenses and SaaS-delivered digital signage solutions across the UK. This will be executed both directly and through an extensive network of reseller channels.

Globally, over 300,000 licenses of Telelogos software are in operation, demonstrating the system’s reliability and effectiveness in multinational retail and corporate environments. With its large-scale network and content management capabilities, Media4Display is well-positioned to meet the needs of the growing digital signage market in the UK.

TDSA is renowned for providing digital signage solutions that help retailers and corporates maintain high standards in digital signage management. The agency focuses on aiding marketing professionals to enhance the quality, consistency, and impact of their digital content.

James Washer, Managing Director of TDSA, commented, “Media4Display offers an outstanding level of technical sophistication that can help organizations elevate their digital signage management. Clients can now organize and distribute all types of media content to screens, video projectors, PCs, tablets, kiosks, and POS stations through one ergonomic, intuitive centralized system.”

He added, “With over 25 years of experience in retail and corporate display, the TDSA group has the expertise to advise clients on optimizing their use of this system.”

Telelogos, established 30 years ago, is a prominent player in large-scale data synchronization and device management infrastructures, with a strong foothold in the French retail market, commanding a 60% share. The company serves over 2,000 customers worldwide and is a leading provider of digital signage platforms for large organizations.

Yves Clisson, President of Telelogos, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are very proud to announce this partnership with TDSA. They have a strong management team with extensive retail experience and contacts that will help Media4Display become a leading platform in the UK market.”

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About Telelogos: Telelogos is a French company specializing in digital signage, data synchronization, and device management software. With over 2,000 customers worldwide, Telelogos provides solutions that streamline communication and content management across diverse platforms and devices.

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