June 3, 2023


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Prysm Nabs Prestigious Awards

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Prysm_logoLPD Technology and Displays Recognized for Innovation and Design

Digital display innovator, Prysm, announced that the company’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology has recently nabbed two prestigious awards: the 2012 DIGI Award for “Best Digital Signage in a Retail Store, Local Rollout” and Sound & Video Contractor Magazine’s “Top 30 Most Innovative Products of 2011.”

The DIGI Awards, sponsored by Digital Signage Magazine together with The Digital Signage Group, each year recognize the outstanding integrators, content providers and product manufacturers focusing on digital signage. This year, Prysm’s American Eagle Outfitters’ installation, located in the company’s flagship New York store, was named “Best Digital Signage in a Retail Store, Local Rollout”. The installation features seven of Prysm’s innovative Digital Mannequins strategically positioned throughout the 24,000 square-foot retail space. The displays enhance the consumer retail experience by bringing the clothing and the overall American Eagle brand aesthetic to life via Prysm’s stunning lifelike, lifesize video displays.

“We are extremely proud of the American Eagle installation. Not only was it the company’s first retail installation, it allowed us to truly showcase the innovation and limitless potential the LPD technology offers,” said Prysm’s VP of Global Sales, Dana Corey. “It is an honor to be recognized by Digital Signage Magazine for our work and we could not be more proud to receive this prestigious accolade.”

Additionally, the editors of Sound & Video Contractor Magazine named Prysm’s LPD technologies one of the 30 most innovative products of 2011. Products were chosen based on living up to the standards of “Bold Engineering.”

“We believe that our patented technology completely changes the game for large-scale tiled video wall displays,” said Amit Jain, Prysm’s co-founder and CEO.  “To offer such environmentally friendly benefits, while still maintaining image quality and longevity, speaks for itself.  We thank the editors of Sound & Video Contractor Magazine for recognizing the power of LPD and the quality of work that our engineering team produces daily.”

Prysm’s revolutionary LPD technology creates seamless, vibrant, captivating displays that use a fraction of the energy required by alternative display platforms and thus significantly lower the environmental cost and the unique, power saving, green features of Prysm’s LPD platform set the company apart from the rest. Plugging directly into a standard 110V outlet, Prysm’s video walls require no additional heating, cooling or power supply equipment, and when compared to traditional LCD, LED, plasma and projection display technologies, Prysm’s displays use up to 75% less energy and lower production of greenhouse gases by an impressive 80%.

Prysm’s LPD solutions break away from traditional display technologies by offering freeform flexibility, long-lasting performance, lifelike, lifesize and HD imagery that captivates audiences in any setting. Built on solid-state lasers that deliver brilliant image quality and the fastest video content, Prysm’s displays provide striking video imagery, viewable from nearly 180-degrees.

About Prysm:

Prysm, Inc. has invented a new display platform based on the Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology that it owns entirely. LPD is a large format display platform that can be organized in any size or shape to support a wide range of complete solutions for a variety of commercial markets. When compared to traditional technologies, LPD offers brilliant life-like and life-size displays which deliver truly immersive experiences, while offering the lowest cost of ownership and meeting the highest standards of environmental impact. Prysm is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California with sales offices in New York, San Jose, London and Dubai.

For more information, please visit: http://www.prysm.com

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