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ScreenCity Deploys DOOH Network in Ibiza, Uses Adwindow Technology

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ScreenCity, Adwindow’s partner in the Balearic Islands, started in June 2011 to operate a digital advertising network through the well known Ibiza island

. This network includes a growing number of large rearprojection screens on shop windows and outdoor locations, based on Adwindow technology, and operate in the main public areas of the island.

At the moment, 20 screens from 110” to 220” have been installed with Adwindow films, all of them for outdoor visibility from the street. The network also includes indoor LCD monitor-based installations, and LEDs screen will be soon added.

The ScreenCity rearprojection screens channel operate from afternoon till late in the night, when outdoor light conditions are perfect for projection screen visibility.

This installation is the first phase of an ambitious development of a massive network across all of the Balearic islands and peninsular Spain.

The staff at ScreenCity was looking for a solution to create large but affordable screens, with easy integration and mount, that could be installed in the existing stores and commercial environment of the island. After evaluating different technologies (videowalls, LED screens, videoprojection), they found out that rearprojection screens were the best technology to use.

Eric Djandjighian, ScreenCity’s general manager, explains us:
“We had to meet several requirements for that screens network:
– our idea was to use large screens for direct readability outdoor, using store fronts and shop windows.
– we wanted to use existing stores or buildings in top-level commercial areas, to which we could add our screens with a minimum of structural modifications. We had agreements with stores and buildings owners on a rental base, to use part of their visible space for our screens, but we could not transform drastically their installations.
– the investment and maintenance costs had to be in line with our expected ROI, our model being based on advertising, so the lower the cost, the quicker the ROI.

We spent time comparing the different technologies available for screens larger than 100”, and we understood that projection was the best choice: monitors were too small, videowalls were too hea, anvy, andd if LEDs screens were perfect for daylight readability, they remained too expensive for our ROI expectations and required important changes in existing structures for installing.

Our choice has been to create large rear-projected screens, and to operate the screens from late afternoon till night (which is really efficient in Ibiza): in that way, we can operate large screens with 5000 to 7000 lumens (relatively) low-cost beamers. This solution has the best ratio image size / total cost: ten times cheaper than LEDs, with a very high picture resolution and sufficient brightness.

We worked closely with ADWINDOW to choose the best projection films, and we finally decided to use the UX Black film, which gives a very high contrast and tremendous impact to the pictures. We also chose the KITAPON version, so all the screens can be removed and re-installed any time in another place if necessary.

Installation has been light and easy: sticking the KITAPON UX Black on shop-windows is quick and safe, and does not require structural modifications. We also worked with projectors companies to choose the best suited models.

The result fit perfectly to our requirements: screens are impressively readables and brights, and our communication is perfectly located.”

ADWINDOW is the manufacturer of bright high-tech film-screens for video projection developed for both interior and exterior use, in full daylight or at night. The focus of ADWINDOW’s technology is centered around the production of adhesive, flexible and affordable rear-projection materials. ADWINDOW films are light, easy to install, very resistant, and they contribute an added value to the ambitious audiovisual and digital signage projects.

This exclusive technology of ADWINDOW ilms permit the creation of forms, formats and dimensions without limit, so that your images and communication are the most stunning and visible in any situation. ADWINDOW is a specialist in video-projection in store front and shop windows.


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