Sunday, October 1, 2023

Mvix launches Proximity Communication Systems for Bluetooth Marketing, Market Research, Traffic Monitoring and Crowd Estimations

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Mvix announced the launch of its end-to-end proximity communication system called MvixAir™ – built on the latest Bluetooth, mobile wireless and short-range radio signal technologies. MvixAir is 100% measurable, performance-based, out-of-home communication platform allowing marketers and event managers to communicate with their audience via their mobile phones. This network-based hardware-software solution is suitable for large venue locations like malls, trade-show events, stadiums, and outdoor arenas. MvixAir is an economical, smart, and effective way of making personal and interactive contact with the customer, visitor, or traveler.

Bluetooth campaign management portalMvix’s proximity system allows communication of information, special offers or product discounts via mobile phones at relevant locations, such as in a shopping mall, in a store, or at an airport. The receiver (audience) decides whether he/she wishes to receive the message at that moment. A broad range of information can be sent to the audience, from a simple discount coupon to a video clip, prize draw, public service announcement or even a link to the website.

Leveraging the short-range radio signal frequency, MvixAir™ can also be used for marketing research, traffic monitoring, crowd estimation, staff tracking, retail and mall performance metering. MvixAir™ locates, tracks and translates radio signals into real-time information over public waves. It can measure travelling and delay times, recognizes traffic jams and locates stationary vehicles. Similarly, MvixAir™ provides real-time information (i.e. heat-maps) on crowd density and their movement at large venues, thus enabling safe and secure events. Such applications of MvixAir™, makes it an extremely cost-effective and highly reliable addition to traditional measuring systems, like infrared counting, thermal imaging cameras, license plate recognition cameras, manual counting and human interviewing.

Bluetooth Marketing, Market Research, Traffic Monitoring and Crowd EstimationsMvixAir™ is an organic extension to our digital signage platform.” explained Marcus Sattler, VP Product Development at Mvix. “Now we are able to offer a complete 360-degree communication and monitoring platform to our clients – ranging from dynamic display-based systems to over-the-air proximity communication systems. With additional of this mobile communication solution to our product line, our clients will now have a deeper market penetration – at incredible low cost.”

bluetooth marketing hotspotsMvixAir™ system is a bundle of small, embedded device (hotspots) and web-based content management platform. Using a combination of multiple, network-based hotspots and the campaign management portal, campaign managers can send information to mobile phones via bluetooth, or mobile wireless to the audience. The transmission is totally free and non-intrusive. “The affordable pricing structure and intuitive, hassle-free content management system is at the core of MvixAir™ campaign management portal. We have received a positive feedback of this new platform.” stated Mark Shoe, Marketing Director at Mvix.

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About MVIX(USA), Inc.

Mvix is the market leader in technology and products for network-based communication platform for out-of-home advertising systems. ition, Mvix leading expertise and products for digital playback of high-definition (1080p) video content, network streaming, NAS media storage, and IP service integration. Since inception, MvixUSA’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions has put the company at the forefront of digital communication industry. With a versatile line of audio and video products for use at home, on the road and in business environments, Mvix caters to customers who value quality, style and a technology-enabled lifestyle. In the recent past, Mvix Media Centers has received accolades from many well-known and respected reviewers across the world. For more information, visit or call 1-866-310-4923

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