March 21, 2023

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ScreenScape for Groups Given Major Boost with New Mass Editing and Publishing Capabilities

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ScreenScape Networks_logoScreenScape simplifies professional content creation for sophisticated, large scale network

ScreenScape Networks announced today that it has launched a new version of ScreenScape for Groups. The new version includes sophisticated mass editing and publishing capabilities for digital signage networks.

ScreenScape’s network-centric approach represents a shift in the way large digital signage deployments are scaled up and managed. Collaboration models between network managers and local venue operators have become increasingly common as the industry matures, and as the demand grows for targeted place-based marketing opportunities.

In September 2012, ScreenScape introduced a new version of their software,, which simplified the content creation process. Four months later, they are now delivering a major enhancement to their Groups offering, which helps network operators manage playlists across hundreds, even thousands of sites.

“ScreenScape is making it easier than ever for our customers to manage their content, even in the face of complex and challenging requirements,” said ScreenScape Founder and CEO, Mark Hemphill. “In order to scale a digital signage network and satisfy the sophisticated demands of today’s marketers, you need to be able to edit and publish your content quickly and efficiently. Our new Group Publish tool has set a new standard in terms of managing complex requirements with ease and scalability.”

The new version of ScreenScape for Groups introduces a simple yet powerful drag and drop approach to content management across a network. Users can select the content they want to distribute and simply drag it to the venues where they want to publish it live. The content is immediately published live to screens inside those venues.

“We have a growing number of professional network operators using our platform to manage large networks. They need to scale their networks quickly, while fine tuning their content for the individual needs of local audiences,” stated Mark Sambrooke, ScreenScape’s Chief Product Officer. “Our new Group Publish delivers with an increase in central publishing power, along with a dramatic decrease in the amount of time and effort it takes to get the right content to the right screens.”

Nick Kulavic, of wellness technology company Vitalogics, uses ScreenScape to distribute educational video to reception rooms on behalf of chiropractic professionals across the United States. “The new ScreenScape for Groups provides me with real savings in terms of the time and effort that it takes to manage content across our network,” says Kulavic. “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice personalization and timeliness of a message as your network scales up. At the same time it has to be relatively easy to customize a message at the local level, or it just won’t happen. ScreenScape really gets this and it certainly shows in the new ScreenScape for Groups.”

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is an online service for engaging audiences in the real world. By offering a repository of community-shared content and a pool of targeted sales and marketing opportunities ScreenScape makes place-based media easier and more affordable to deliver and more effective as a tool for engaging with today’s connected consumer.

Source: ScreenScape Networks

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