June 3, 2023


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KidGopher Wins InnoVision Award

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CQ Media Networks, a division of Team Cynergi Inc., is proud to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2011 InnoVision Technology Application award for KidGopher, the secure child pick-up system.

KidGopher is a secure child pick-up system that utilizes technology and photo identification to ensure that students are getting into the right vehicle with an authorized guardian at the end of the school day. Guardians or “Gophers” will have an account created with all of their contact information and photo ID that is associated with an RFID card. Each gopher card will be associated with the student(s) that gopher is permitted to pick up.  Educators will scan the Gopher Cards during pick up to verify the identity of the guardian. Once approved, this information is then displayed in real-time at the designated pick up location(s) using Hypersign Digital Signage. This information is also displayed on an Applie iPad® device that the faculty/staff use to securely place each child in the proper vehicle. All of this information is archived so that administration can later retrieve the records. Elements including an Endangered Child Notification and disabling guardians for pick-up are also built into the system for added security in the event of a kidnapping or custody battle.

“We have an incredible team that not only has the ability to build potential life-saving solutions such as KidGopher, but also see the vision for the impact it can make. Winning the Inn oVision Award for KidGopher adds to the credibility of the software as we continue to promote it throughout the country, and gives a well-deserved pat on the back to the team that has developed and demonstrated it” says Neil Willis, CEO of CQ Media Networks.

For more information about this award winning software, visit www.KidGopher.com or call 864.486.0267.

About CQ Media Networks
Based in Greenville, South Carolina, CQ Media Networks is a software solutions company aimed at delivering high definition content to multiple device types. CQ Media Networks is a private company and a leader in the development of IP based content delivery systems. CQ Media Networks serves the Education (K12 & Higher Education) and Healthcare vertical markets with innovative solutions such as HD quality IPTV, Dynamic Digital Signage Service, Content Management Systems and real-time delivery of live content to the web or Apple IPhone via CQ’s CloudCaster service. CQ Media Networks has won many national and regional awards including “Most Innovative New Digital Signage” Award for KidGopher, and the InnoVision Technology Award for “Innovative Product for Education”.

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