June 6, 2023


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4D Projection Lights up London for Nokia and Deadmau5

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Last night the Millbank Tower in London was transformed with a ground-breaking new 4D projection. The one-off event saw the iconic building, a key part of London’s world famous skyline, transformed into a series of startling images. At different stages the building appeared to wobble, collapse, and shatter, turning into everything from a series of giant blinking eyes to hundreds of Tetris pieces.

The Nokia Lumia Live project, designed by Mission Media, celebrates the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800, created in collaboration with Windows. Lasting for 37 minutes the extravaganza was viewed by thousands of spectators along the banks of the Thames, as well as via Nokia UK’s Facebook page where it was broadcast live.

Accompanied by a live and exclusive performance from producer Deadmau5 the production, saw 16 projectors beaming images onto the 387 foot high building from across the Thames, which necessitated the covering of 800 windows with vinyl wrap.

Source: Drive Productions