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CQ Media Networks Releases “Eclipse” Feature to Hypersign Software

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CQ Media Networks logoCQ Media Networks, a Greenville based software solutions company, recently included “Eclipse” to the Hypersign Digital Signagesoftware update. This unique “Eclipse” feature has the ability to turn the digital television displays to standby mode whenever the display is not in use. Eclipse can be activated in the scheduling calendar within the Hypersign Admin portal to program the non-operation hours. When the Eclipse mode is scheduled to expire, regularly scheduled digital signage will appear again.

A study was done to test the power consumption on a 65″ commercial quality brand name LCD display, and a standard media player device. The Eclipse feature results in up to 62% savings on total power consumption (by the display) during run time. These figures are based on econo-power with the display on for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Based on these results, Eclipse is considered an energy efficient and “green” solution for automatically powering down the television displays. This feature helps to contribute to a customer’s overall LEED and sustainability efforts for their facility.

An additional benefit to the Hypersign Eclipse feature is the benefit of instant emergency notification should a crisis occur within the building. Hypersign Alert can be displayed immediately without any lag time for rebooting the display when in Eclipse mode.

“We are always striving to make our software more user-friendly and functional. The benefit of Eclipse means that users will not have to walk around the building to manually turn off the displays at the end of the day and they are saving valuable time and money. Eclipse doesn’t require an expensive control system to turn the displays off either. It’s simply a software solution controlling a hardware device. The scheduling feature within Hypersign makes it easy to turn the Eclipse feature on and off, and program your regularly scheduled digital signage” says Neil Willis, CEO of CQ Media Networks.

For more information about the award winning Hypersign software and the new Eclipse feature, visit

About CQ Media Networks
Based in Greenville, South Carolina, CQ Media Networks is a software solutions company aimed at delivering high definition content to multiple device types. CQ Media Networks is a private company and a leader in the development of IP based content delivery systems. CQ Media Networks serves the Education (K12 & Higher Education) and Healthcare vertical markets with innovative solutions such as HD quality IPTV, Dynamic Digital Signage Service, Content Management Systems and real-time delivery of live content to the web or Apple IPhone via CQ’s CloudCaster service. CQ Media Networks has won many national and regional awards including “Most Innovative New Digital Signage” Award for KidGopher, and the InnoVision Technology Award for “Innovative Product for Education”.

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