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Noventri Removes SF-3000 Digital Signage Player From Product Line

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noventri logoIn an effort to simplify digital signage, Noventri has removed the SF-3000 digital signage player from its product line.

Noventri has announced that they are discontinuing the SF-3000 digital signage player in order to meet market demands for a simpler, more cost-conscious technology.

The SF-3000, manufactured by Noventri since 2001 and originally known as SignFlash, was built to meet industry standards that rely heavily on video and animation. Over the years Noventri has found that the demand for video and animation in digital signage has become much less, thus making the SF-3000 too complex for the majority of deployments.

“The fact is that much of what the SF-3000 could do was not being used to the full,” says Andrew Hoffman, VP for Noventri, “and this raised the cost. Clients were paying for features that were far outside their needs. So we were motivated to create a solution that would fit the demands of our clients. This has resulted in a solution that provides the basics, in an easy-to-use interface. The SF-3000 is now replaced with the Eco-Series SF-100e.”

Noventri has found that too much motion is actually a distraction to the messages displayed on digital signage and has been saying, for some time, that motion does not have a place in most successful digital signage deployments. The SF-3000 was based on video and motion and required costly content creation as well as IT savvy-staff to support the player(s). Many companies are not prepared to handle these added costs.

With the Noventri Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage players Noventri has provided a solution that does not require added IT personnel and high-cost content creation while still providing a creative way to provide digital messages and can be used for signage, menu boards, schedules and general information displays.

For information contact Judy L. Hoffman at: judyh [at] or call 301-790-0103.


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