December 7, 2022

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Mexico mega-screen LED screens at the highest level of efficiency with Navori

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MDM (mega-screen in Mexico SA de CV) was the first company in Mexico to offer mobile ED screens mounted on truck rentals mode, and the design and manufacturing communities is of the highest quality available

Each of their rental units is equipped with an LED display of high brightness (sunlight readable) 3 by 5 meter that rises up to 8 meters from the ground and capable of rotating 360 degrees. Each unit has a capacity study with pre and post production, a digital switcher ideo live for 8 cameras, 4 digital video player, a digital content server, a digital audio mixer and a professional sound system of 12,000 watts. All equipment s powered by a turbo diesel 50KVA generator mounted on each unit. These LED screens Ovile used in all kinds of events such as concerts, sporting events, red carpet resentment, political campaigns and the marketing n all kinds of products and services throughout the country.

In the last year, MDM has integrated content player Navori Ovile their units and manage their content through Navori Server. The Swiss rofessional software solution not only simplifies management, actualizació

n ONTENTS programming, but also allows you to integrate live content produced on the truck to offer a
higher quality programming and variety of content including external sources that can be updated in real time. This includes videos and news feeds, sports and weather, among other content.”… The reliability and simplicity of Navori Player, developed by the mobile units equipped with MDM LED screens have proved a winning combination, which implifica content management and actualizació No real time of our units remotely. While mega-screen is headquartered in Monterrey, the service provides customers throughout Mexico, from Cancun to Tijuana, bringing the level of complexity of our business. Our customers are very demanding and we can not afford to fail them. We require a system to reproduce high-quality content, versatile, reliable, robust and easy to manage. The Swiss system has amply fulfilled Navori all our expectations and EEDS … ” Gerardo said Ylizaliturri, CEO of MDM

In addition to the mobile equipment rental and production LEDs, MDM is a provider of integrated solutions for Signal tower No digital service also offers content management of all or part of its customers through its own self-managed network of digital signage. The systems range from olutions offered a player to a network of hundreds of full HD screens with nationwide reach.

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Navori A SOLUTION FOR EVERY NEED digital signage

Navori is a global leader in professional software solutions for digital signage. Our suite is suitable for any application segment, size and project budget.

Navori is the right choice for your next project Ex Signal No digital.

WHY Navori

• PROFITABILITY: The best market return on investment (ROI). Reduce CAPEX by 30% and 50% PEX

• QUALITY AND PRECISION: Efficient design serving a performance extraordinary. RANSITION perfect Full HD support, quality broadcasting

• simplicity of management, multi-interface, intuitive management and great simplicity for deployment and monitoring of the players.

• Product: Supports all formats and market professionals with tools for creating news tickers deplantillas and offering sophisticated functionality without programming code.

• Accessibility: Management Multi-user, Multi OS, without geographic


• Players 75.000 in use worldwide

• 14 years living in the market with a philosophy of continuous product improvement

• Coverage in 90 countries

• Certified Dealer Network in 65 countries

• Software available in multiple languages

We are a serious, and GLOBAL BUSINESS

Global reach, with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in North America, Latin America and Australia. 90% of our revenue comes from exports to 90 countries.

We conduct our operations in a rational and efficient, and we have a financial strength based on a policy of sustained growth: 40% average annual growth over the past 10 years.

We are recognized as leaders in the market for quality and sophistication n in our solutions


9. Banks and financial centers
10. Casino & Lottery
11. Cinemas and Theatres

Navori SA – World Trade Center, Avenue Gratta Paille 2 CH-1000 Lausanne, Switzerand
Phone: +41 21 641 19 60 Fax: +41 21 641 19 61
Navori Latin America – Buenos Aires, Argentina-Phone: +54 911 5813 8739

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Digital Signage software company offer digital dynamic signage network system. Also offer sign software to broadcast and monitor a network of screens over the Internet, LAN or DVD.
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