Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ryarc’s software brings in-store sound and vision to McDonald’s® China

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Ryarc are today very pleased to announce the completion of phase one of the roll out of their enterprise digital signage software and in-store audio platform to McDonald’s® China. Operated and deployed by Partech, McDonald’s® are now using the system to manage sound and vision in the expanding store network of 1,300 restaurants, half of which have now been deployed with the system.

Whilst CampaignManager delivers the in store Digital Signage, Dappler, Ryarc’s in-store radio software platform, is being used to deliver a customized ‘Corporate FM Radio’ experience that compliments, yet is separate from the visual content. Dappler’s sophisticated and yet easy to use content programming engine effortlessly transforms thousands of music files into a coherent listening experience, complete with ability to target specific stores with music as per store location, language, time of day, music genre, age group and wrapping it with internal audio promotions.

Tim Guo, General Manager at ParTech said “As this network is spread across over 100 cities in China and more than ten times again that many stores, the importance of a software platform which is robust and scalable cannot be overestimated. Our experience with Ryarc CampaignManager has been extremely non-eventful; and that’s how we like it. Considerable savings on hardware cost for this project were possible because CampaignManager allows management of both digital signage channel for screens and audio channel for the in-store audio using a single player at stores and from a single CampaignManager platform at Central server site.”

Fergal O’ Ceallaigh, Ryarc’s CEO added “As a company, we tend to be relatively low-key. We just get on with building and improving the technology and probably don’t do as much shouting about our successes as we ought to. Still, we do get noticed by companies looking for enterprise quality and value for money amid all the hype and overexposure. When we come out on top, for customers like this and especially in markets like China, it is very gratifying indeed for our team.”

About McDonald’s® China

McDonald’s® ( is one of the leading global foodservice retailers with more than 33000 local restaurants serving 60 million people in more than 110 countries. McDonald’s® China operates more than 1300 restaurants across China and is rapidly expanding its presence.

About Ryarc

Ryarc ( is a software company focusing on Digital Signage Software, distributed audio and playback technology. Ryarc’s core product is CampaignManager, an end-to-end Digital Signage management platform which is used worldwide to operate and manage digital signage networks, large and small. Ryarc also allows you to expand your digital signage network to include an audio (in-store radio) platform as well as an internal communications channel, all managed from a central location.

About ParTech China

ParTech China ( is part of ParTech Group – a leading global provider of hospitality management solutions for enterprises such as city-centre hotels, destination spa and golf properties, timeshare properties, cruise ships, and casino resorts. ParTech China has an extensive presence and service network across China.

More information can be found online at

Source: Ryarc

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