Wednesday, November 29, 2023

EYE Launches Business First Network

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EYE launches a unique opportunity to reach high value premium Flyers through our new Business First network. This network of 12 x 70 inch portrait digital screens is located in direct proximity to the business lounges at EYE airports around the UK. The network gives advertisers a brand new opportunity to communicate with a valuable business audience.

The Business First Network will be launched across Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, East Midlands and Belfast International airports. This is the third new product installment from EYE in the last five weeks. The next chapter in EYE’s ambitious media redevelopment program will witness a further 70 units installed across Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted Airports.

EYE has secured a number of mainstream brands to launch on the Business First network including ITV and the Rugby World Cup, Sony Vaio and IBM are amongst the first advertisers to take advantage of the new network. EYE’s research tells us that 85 per cent of Business Flyers are open to finding out about new products and services at the airport. EYE will not only deliver a receptive audience, but the sites will offer an impactful and effective way to influence this typically hard to reach group who are evidently interested in hearing about new products and services.

John Rankin, General Manager EYE, said: “Business First is another great example of our commitment to deliver impactful media solutions across our airports. It presents a real opportunity for advertisers to target the premium business audience with their message on our high quality digital media. The advanced technological capabilities of the sites offer advertisers more campaign flexibility and creative scope. Business First continues to show the investment we are making into our media estates and leveraging ourselves to be the number one airport media provider in the UK”.

About EYE

EYE operates Out-of-Home media businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Connecting leading brands with active consumers, EYE’s media reaches large-scale Flyers, Shoppers, Drivers and Students throughout their daily journeys.

Source: Eyecorp

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