Thursday, June 13, 2024

Keywest Technology releases MediaZone Pro, a complete hardware, software digital signage solution with custom content services

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Keywest Technology MediaZoneProThe new MediaZone Pro digital signage software and hardware system offers management and scheduling functionality supporting an efficient workflow from a Windows 7 motif interface and includes professional content creation services.

Keywest Technology is now shipping MediaZone Pro, an all-new digital signage software and hardware system with simplified management tools necessary for today’s digital signage applications, which combines sophisticated media integration with simple to use editor tools and professional content services for eye-grabbing results.

For do-it-yourself content designers and managers, MediaZone Pro makes it easy to build digital signage content screens with a simple drag-and drop-interface, as well as organize media, create playlists, change them on the fly and manage playback schedules for multiple players from a Windows 7 ribbon control motif interface.

“MediaZone Pro also represents a major advance in digital signage content management,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “It embodies lessons learned over 10 years of delivering digital signage systems to thousands of customers worldwide. We have listened closely to our customers and integrate those lessons learned into the design of this powerful new digital signage tool so that we can offer a rich digital signage experience regardless of the skill level. Customers may use our professional content development services and combine this with a self-managed environment to streamline workflow with MediaZone Pro.”

“The first thing people will notice is the MediaZone Pro’s new GUI, which delivers fast performance and an efficient workflow,” said Nichols.

The new graphical user interface (GUI) is divided into five separate workspaces: the Ribbon, where commonly used functions are accessed; the Media Browser with media thumbnails; the Zone Manager where various media files can be assigned and viewed for individual zones; the Template Manager where templates are modified as needed and zones are populated with media; and the Attributes Window for professional content management.

MediaZone Pro supports a variety of different, popular media types, including MPEG, QuickTime or Windows Media movies, Flash animations, graphic content, HTML, as well as RSS data feeds and crawls.

To schedule and manage media playback on individual MediaZone Pro players, the system schedules and transfers files via FTPS file over a standard network connection without using a server. For larger scale deployments where multiple media players are required, MediaZone Pro can operate as a client to Keywest Technology’s InfoZone Pro server. In this configuration, the pair offers sophisticated push-pull network control of individual players or player groups, remote monitoring via a browser, and batch updates of selected players or player groups.

MediaZone Pro is bundled with Keywest Technology’s ultra-thin media player that comes with a three-year hardware warranty. MediaZone Pro software may also be purchased separately. Keywest Technology’s professional content services and MediaZone Pro are available immediately.

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Keywest Technology is a leading designer of digital signage content, kiosks and software, offering solutions from simple single sign playback to large multi-sign networks. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach.

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