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MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona

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Enriched Multimedia Signage in Art Museum

MACBA Entrance hall“A striking concept which has created numerous benefits for the visitors whose experience is notably improved.”

Display Evolution Klocktornet.
The museum of contemporary art MACBA in Barcelona is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. The MACBA Collection, which started in roughly 1950, consists of many works from Catalonian, Spanish and International artists. Though not an anthology, it is a thorough overview of the fundamental aspects of Contemporary Art which hopes to promote both exercises and education in critical memory.

AOpen Key benefitsThe museum is not only up-to-date with history but also invests in current times. The museum makes use of today’s growing digital world with endless possibilities. The new concept strengthens the aesthetics of the museum. Visitors reaction is positive and the sales of the museum have gone up since the implementation of digital signage.

The implementation
At the information desk at the entrance of the museum, informative displays have been implemented. The displays are powered by DISE software running on AOpen Digital Engine media players offering optimal playback and functionality. Besides substantially improving the museum’s image, the concept also allows visitors to access all information quickly, avoiding unnecessary queues. The content can be managed from a single remote location making it easy to change information on-demand, keeping everything up-to-date.

Next to the information desk, MACBA also installed a 6 screen video wall in the entry hall of the museum. The screens MACBA Video wallare powered by AOpen Digital Engine. All players are synchronized on the network by means of exclusive features offered by DISE software such as the ability to incorporate any type of format or file. Options are endless. A total resolution of 2751 x 2342 pixels would be impossible to manage on any other type of system, but runs perfectly thanks to the strong media player hardware from AOpen.

The complete system allows content to be updated in real time. Content can be scheduled to appear at a certain time hourly, daily or whatever time schedule you want. Thanks to the extensive features of DISE all players can be managed in a centralized and automated way. Features ranging from the ability to switch players on and off from a distance, to the ability to generate reports and playback statistics, are all of great benefit to the IT and marketing department. Saving time on installation, management, content creation, and power consumption are just a few of the advantages of this highly powerful digital signage installation.

The Concept

MACBA digital signage connection digram

The concept is based on two control stations, which have two distinctive functions. They automatically manage and control all hardware associated with the system (screens and players). Secondly these stations are used for content creation and publication. All content is distributed through a dedicated server, so that all players are able to present content simultaneously on all screens throughout the museum, whether they have the same content or not.

The implementation project was led by Euroservicios a system integrator specialized in IT audiovisual digital signage software and hardware. They picked the AOpen Digital Engine and DISE software as the hardware and software combination of choice. Euroservicios is located in Spain and is a valuable AOpen partner.

About AOpen
AOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the growth of AOpen. As the leading manufacturer, of ultra small form factor digital signage media player solutions world-wide, AOpen keeps expanding its products and services for digital signage and other vertical application markets. With in-depth market knowledge AOpen can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOpen cooperates with its global value added channel network to go to market.

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