May 30, 2023

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AOPEN releases OpenSign, a powerful, easy-to-use interactive in-store promoter

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AOPEN_logoOpenSign_logoCost-effective solutions allow retailers to “plug and play”

AOPEN, a leader in digital signage and appliance computing, has just released OpenSign™, a powerful, web based interactive digital marketing and signage platform for Android devices that allows retailers to easily install and manage a digital signage network.

OpenSign is purpose-built for different screen sizes, such as retail shelf displays and large promotional displays. It lets store owners actively manage digital content, without design experience, from any PC connected to the web. It also eliminates costly printing and the logistics of placing prints in the store, as well as enabling real-time offers and promotions to be run. Being cloud based, OpenSign can be easily integrated across multiple devices and platforms, including mobile devices. It also features local redundancy, meaning that content can still be displayed even if internet connection is lost.

Stephen Borg, Director, Global Strategy and Market Development, AOPEN, says that OpenSign tackles the frustrations and costs of operating that retailers and store owners face when maintaining a digital signage network.

“As well as helping customers make a purchase decision, OpenSign captures customer data and retail patterns, which helps retailers understand what customers are looking for. This allows them to better promote products and services, creating new, highly targeted shopping experiences, in a cost-effective way.” Stephen Borg says.

“OpenSign is a truly easy-to-manage, solution on a cost effective OS with competitive commercial grade hardware. It’s a perfect product, designed and built for retailers. It also captures data and tracks results accurately.”

OpenSign is Android-based, built using the same web application framework that powers websites such as Twitter and It’s delivered globally with Rackspace who are a premium provider of global data centers.

OpenSign represents a full digital signage ecosystem including: the OpenSign platform, dedicated devices and expert service. It can be used stand-alone or to complement existing signage networks. Its plug-in based API architecture allows integration with third party devices and applications including existing CMS and e-commerce systems.

Being web based the signage can leverage any live feed you can get, such as: stock feeds, weather forecasts, POS data, social media feeds, loyalty programs and more. Designed with marketers in mind, OpenSign is also SEO friendly, allowing for social media integration and local area marketing via its easy to use content management system (CMS).

Growth in the worldwide digital signage market is forecast to exceed 40% in 2013, growing to US$7 billion, according to IMS Research . Retail is the largest vertical, accounting for 25% of equipment and software sales. IMS predicts that retail will maintain its dominance, reaching nearly $2 billion USD in infrastructure sales by the end of 2015.

About OpenSign

OpenSign™ is an interactive digital marketing and signage platform built for retailers to tackle the frustrations and costs of operating and maintaining a digital signage network. It is built on Ruby on Rails as a SAAS model.

OpenSign™ Screener

For those with pre-existing CMS, OpenSign™ Screener is a management and distribution system for integration into existing CMS, allowing you to update content anywhere with a web connection.

OpenSign™ Care

Supported by OpenService, OpenSign™ Care is a complete end-to-end care program including design, management and maintenance.


AOPEN has been established for over 17 years, pioneering the ultra-small form factor PC and Commercial Appliances, for global electronics, information technology and communications (ICT) solutions. Its access to the parent group Wistron, with 2011 combined revenue of greater than 21 billion USD and operations in more than 100 countries, gives AOPEN a worldwide pool of expertise, combined with innovative systems and solutions to deliver added value to customers.

Source: AOPEN