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Wildstone Acquires Iconic ‘Berlin Videowall’ Digital Billboard

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Berlin, Germany – Wildstone, a leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure in the UK and Europe, has acquired the Berlin Videowall, a prominent out-of-home (OOH) advertising site in Germany. This 104m² digital billboard, located on the historical Kurfürstendamm, features anamorphic 3D capabilities and operates 24/7, reaching over 181,000 viewers daily.

The Berlin Videowall is the largest digital advertising installation in central Berlin and one of the largest LED screens in Germany approved for third-party advertising in public spaces. Wildstone purchased the site from LIMES, a German outdoor advertising specialist. LIMES will continue as the exclusive long-term marketer and media operator.

The acquisition allows LIMES to gain financial flexibility for new products and expansion while focusing on its core competence of media sales. Wildstone, now responsible for the site’s ownership and operation, can focus on optimizing the performance and visibility of the installation.

This acquisition represents a strategic expansion for Wildstone into high-quality, inner-city advertising spaces. The Berlin Videowall adds to Wildstone’s portfolio following its establishment in Germany last year with the acquisition of AdverTower, an OOH advertising group.

Stefan Bergler, Regional Director DACH at Wildstone, stated: “Acquiring the Berlin Videowall, the crown jewel of Berlin’s outdoor advertising scene, represents a significant milestone for Wildstone. We are proud to add this iconic OOH location to our portfolio. This deal enables LIMES to focus on their core competency of media sales, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Tobias Assies, Managing Director of LIMES, commented: “This is a new chapter for LIMES Berlin Videowall, allowing both partners to fully utilize their strengths. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Wildstone on this and other projects, maximizing the creative and commercial impact of Berlin’s premier digital advertising installation.”

About LIMES LIMES is a German outdoor advertising specialist focused on media sales and innovative advertising solutions. With a strong market presence, LIMES continues to drive creativity and impact in digital advertising.

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