Monday, May 20, 2024

Ivee and CMT Launch Innovative ‘Smart Taxi’ Experience to Transform In-Cab Ads and Engagement

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Ivee and Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT) have launched a transformative “Smart Taxi” experience, equipping 10,000 taxis in CMT’s network with advanced infotainment software. This strategic move aims to enhance the passenger experience and offer brands a powerful platform to reach an estimated 25 million passengers annually.

The “Smart Taxi” integrates Ivee’s proprietary technologies: Ivee Inside (infotainment software), Ivee Intelligence (personalization technology), and Ivee Ads (advertising platform). This integration aims to deliver a personalized and engaging experience for passengers while providing advertisers with an effective and measurable advertising solution.

Dave Matthews, VP of Product at Ivee, highlights the significance of a user-centric approach in advertising: “Without a user-centric experience, ads are ignored and can even tarnish brand image because they feel interruptive.”

Passenger benefits of the “Smart Taxi” include complete control over their entertainment choices, such as selecting from a variety of content from over 20 networks including ABC and Bloomberg. The technology also offers unique features like karaoke and language learning opportunities tailored to the journey’s context, such as the trip’s start location and time of day.

For advertisers, Ivee Ads provides a competitive advantage with six times higher click-through rates (CTRs) compared to leading platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, and twice as many completed video views. Its advanced targeting capabilities enable precise advertising tailored to factors such as geo-location, trip destination, day-part, content type, and user sentiment.

Alex Giannikoulis, CEO of Ivee, expressed the strategic vision behind their product: “Launching ‘Smart Taxi’ with CMT leverages both companies’ strengths and is geared towards maximizing passenger engagement and advertiser reach.”

Ron Sherman, Chairman of CMT, commented on the partnership, “CMT’s rich history with the world’s top advertisers combines seamlessly with Ivee’s innovative approach to ride-hail advertising, setting the stage for a new era in targeted and effective advertising within taxis.”

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