June 7, 2023


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ScreenScape launches Group License Program

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ScreenScape Networks_logoInternet service delivers a powerful Venue Networking Solution to Enterprise Customers

ScreenScape Networks Inc., the leader in Venue Networking, today launched its Group License Program and announced three new customers, Nutrition House Canada, Spice Wellness systems, and HearAtLast. Group licensing allows larger organizations to deploy a coordinated screen display network in a variety of configurations. “By linking venue managers in the shared activity of authoring local screen displays ScreenScape builds collaborative venue networks” says ScreenScape Founder and Chief Product Officer Mark Hemphill. “Now, by offering powerful Group Licensing options we can help larger organizations to communicate intelligently and cost-effectively to people where they live, work and play.”

ScreenScape Group Licenses are available in two variants: Enterprise Networks and Marketing Networks. Both variants offer technology that enables the linking, branding and coordination of multiple accounts in a network configuration. An Enterprise Network links multiple accounts under one organization to foster both company-wide messaging and, where needed, the coordination of local content for each venue in the network.

A Marketing Network gives businesses the technology they need to develop a content sharing network that spans organizational boundaries. This allows businesses to broker the exchange of content representing multiple brands to be delivered to any number of venues in the network.

“ScreenScape Enterprise Networks can dramatically reduce the cost of corporate communications” says ScreenScape President and CEO Kevin Dwyer. “A coordinated screen display network gives businesses profound advantages in marketing and communications, in customer service, and organizational intelligence. A ScreenScape Marketing Network goes even further and is a good choice for businesses looking for new and innovative revenue models. Marketing Networks are used to broker content sharing between advertisers and public venues to reach specific target audiences and foster powerful marketing services”.

“We’re pleased to welcome our first Group License customers Nutrition House Canada, Spice Wellness Systems, and HearAtLast to ScreenScape”, says Dwyer. “Group License customers add further value to the ScreenScape community and help to demonstrate the wide applicability of Venue Networking to businesses of any size.”

About ScreenScape

ScreenScape offers an online service that makes it easy for anyone to create and operate a dynamic screen display in their venue. ScreenScape uses Internetworking principles and social media techniques to build collaborative marketing networks. Compared to traditional Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising technologies these networks of interlinking screen displays offer new opportunities for collaboration and commerce and at dramatically reduced costs. The service has been described by pundits as Web 2.0 digital signage as it combines professional display authoring tools with the content sharing principles and techniques of social media.

About Nutrition House

Nutrition House was founded in 1979 and operates over 70 health stores in enclosed shopping centers across Canada. They offer the largest variety of natural health products of any Canadian chain.

About Spice Wellness Systems Inc

Spice Wellness Systems was developed to create a method for the “young at heart” and not so young in years to acquire wellness through their comprehensive wellness program which integrates a non invasive method of whole body vibration therapy. Spice Wellness Systems Inc now operates 18 locations across North America, with expansion plans to 40 stores in 2010. They are continually developing new programs and products to further expand their systematic approach to wellness.

For more information, visit http://www.spicewellness.net or call 1-877-SPICE-29.

About HearAtLast

HearAtLast Holdings, Inc. is a Nevada corporation that owns and operates its wholly owned subsidiary. HearAtLast Inc., a chain of hearing stores specializing in the sale of digital hearing aids and testing services. The company develops, owns, and operates hearing aid clinics co-located within select Wal-Mart stores throughout Canada. HearAtLast facilities sell a selection of high quality brand name hearing aids and also offer complimentary screening tests, clinical hearing tests, high end earbuds and assistive listening devices. The Company’s mission is to consolidate the highly fragmented hearing services industry while providing unparalleled service to the estimated 30+ million hearing impaired individuals throughout North America. After a prescription is approved, the independent on-site audiologists and hearing aid practitioners at HearAtLast utilize a refined process to dispense the latest in Name Brand digital hearing aids.

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