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Scala-Powered Interactive Ordering System Integral for holyfields’ New Self-Service Restaurant Concept

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scala holyfields Interactive Ordering System 2Patrons at new holyfields restaurants in Germany can expect to spend more time enjoying their dining experience, thanks to a new interactive ordering system powered by Scala.

With the goal of creating a digital ordering system to speed up the ordering process, holyfields partnered with Newroom Media and the Ippolito Fleitz Group to develop user-friendly self-service kiosks. To order a meal, a customer simply selects his or her preferred food and drink on one of the kiosks and then proceeds to a cashier. They receive pagers that will alert them from their tables when food is ready for pick-up.

With the ordering system in place, customers eliminate time wasted waiting for someone to seat them, take their order and serve their meal. Now guests have more time to enjoy their dining experience with friends and family than at an ordinary quick-service restaurant.

The kiosks feature an intuitive design interface, high level of scalability, modern design, and a constant and stable system capable of operating for 17 hours a day. Each kiosk is equipped with a 32-inch Samsung LCD display, Tyco Electronics IntelliTouch Surface Wave Touchscreens and a DE7000 Digital Engine from AOpen.

The kiosk interface uses only Scala scripts, including some never used before, as well as specially developed optical effects such as transparent pop-ups. Scala Content Manager and Scala Player software drive content to the screens.

“At holyfields, our ordering system is reliant on the new terminals. Failure or downtime would result in customer dissatisfaction and a loss of money,” said Gerhard Schöps, Managing Director of holyfields. “Therefore, the operation of these terminals is crucial. We are very satisfied with the speed and reliability of the Scala software, as are our customers.”

In the future, holyfields wants to work with Scala to extend the system to allow customers to pay directly at the terminal and to integrate terminal payment methods for paying instantly and automatically via credit card and cell phone.

“Scala is honored to contribute to the innovative ordering system at holyfields. The system is truly customer-focused, reliable and intuitive,” said Oscar Elizaga, Vice President of Scala, EMEA, India and Latin America. “This project showcases the versatility and possibilities inherent to Scala software.”

For more information about holyfields’ use of digital signage, read the case study at

About Newroom Mediascala holyfields Interactive Ordering System 1

At Newroom Media, it is our priority to create a unique and intelligent brand of communication. We believe in working cooperatively with our clients to develop and distribute innovative, interactive and digital concepts and products for the information, entertainment and advertising fields – connecting the real world with the digital world.  Interactive Digital Signage allows the user to interact with E-commerce applications, online content and real objects, all of which simultaneously adapt to both the user and  external circumstances. Our goal is to create the latest in highly efficient communication solutions that fulfill the need for entertainment, while achieving a lasting advertising effect at the same time. To do this, we use media such as shop windows, mobile phones, internet, plasma / LCD displays and kiosk systems. In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” We are focused on the strategic integration of digital and interactive media into the communication concepts of our clients. We thank you for partnering with us. More information is available at:

About ippolito fleitz group

ippolito fleitz group is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating  design studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. We are identity architects. We work in unison with our clients to develop architecture, products and communication that are part of a whole and yet distinctive in their own right. This is how we define identity.  With meticulous analysis before we begin. With animated examination in the conception phase. With a clarity of argument in the act of persuasion. With a love of accuracy in the realization. With a serious goal and a lot of fun along the way. Working together with our clients. As architects of identity, we conceive and construct buildings, interiors and landscapes; we develop products and communication measures. We do not think in disciplines. We think in solutions. Solutions that help you become a purposeful part of a whole and yet distinctive in your own right. We architect your identity. More information:

About Scala

Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala is a leading global provider of digital signage and advertising management solutions. Scala is the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platform for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks. The company’s digital signage customers include Rabobank, IKEA, Burger King, T-Mobile, Virgin MegaStore, Warner Brothers, The Life Channel, Rikstoto, Repsol, NorgesGruppen, Audi, ECE Flatmedia, Kaufhof (Metro Group) and thousands more. Advertising management customers include CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor and Magic Media, among others. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, USA, and has subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany and Japan, as well as more than 450 partners in more than 65 countries. More information is available at

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