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FARMATODO pharmacy network has chosen to implement a digital signage solution called FARMATODO TV

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FARMATODO pharmacy network has chosen to implement a digital signage solution called FARMATODO TV, with the aim of providing its customers an audiovisual communication channel that complements the shopping experience at its stores.

FarmaTodo TV 2The launch of this network of screens, also known as Digital Signage network, began with a pilot project located in the shops of El Hatillo and La Tahona in the city of Caracas, consequently, will enable managers to improve the channel and its contents, according to the results obtained during the pilot project. Additionally, the DS channel will have a cutting-edge audience measurement system, which provide information relevant to the impact of the screens on customers and will be used by advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements on the channel.

The main objective is to increase the relationship between consumers and FARMATODO stores by delivering news and entertainment programming. In the background, pharmacists can educate customers with useful and relevant products, while advertisers can connect with consumers at the place where the sale occurred, when they visit the store.

FARMATODO choose IMVINET, a Digital Signage company in Venezuela, to develop the project, which will be implemented in the near future to FARMATODO’s 135 stores nationwide.

This project represents the efforts of two companies working together to establish objectives, requirements and parameters necessary for success. On one hand, IMVINET has proposed to develop the channel and its content in a fully dynamic, intelligent and interactive way, allowing FARMATODO to control the channel centrally and in real time. On the other hand, FARMATODO relationships with various health care providers will greatly benefit the channel and allow the integration of media and agencies, seeking to take advantage of a direct channel to potential consumers. FarmaTodo TV 1

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