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SpectraMedia Communication Group moves over to ScreenScape

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SpectraMedia announced today it has acquired a ScreenScape Group license to power its own value-added digital signage network. The announcement signals SpectraMedia’s shift away from a conventional platform towards a more community-based approach to offering digital signage based on ScreenScape technology. Spectra Media offers its partners a full service marketing agency that includes graphic design, publishing, website development and digital signage services. The largest shopping centre on Prince Edward Island, the Charlottetown Mall, owned and operated by Rio-Can property services, is one of the more highly trafficked sites in their network.

“As a full service marketing agency offering digital signage services, we help our advertisers to create engaging messages that resonate with today’s consumer. We can both produce a campaign and help to place it in high traffic areas. ScreenScape provides us an easy to use technology that helps to establish new points of presence for our customers. By partnering with ScreenScape we are able to move off our existing platform which is based on older and more rigid technology. We are looking forward to participating in the ScreenScape Community where every venue represents a potential new member of our network. This shift will save us operational costs and at the same time help us to offer our customers a broader set of placement opportunities.” stated Chris Comar, Creative Director and President of SpectraMedia.

“ScreenScape Groups offer network operators all the benefits of conventional digital signage and more, yet they are easier to manage and more cost-effective to operate.” said Mark Hemphill, ScreenScape Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Using ScreenScape, marketing companies like SpectraMedia are now able to tap into the tremendous opportunity that is location-based media without necessarily incurring the major capital and operational costs traditionally associated with setting up a network. ScreenScape allows Group leaders to focus on creating great content for their clients and matching advertisers with logical placement opportunities. The ScreenScape Community is an established network of potential partners that already operate screens and represent channels of distribution for targeted promotional messages. As the ScreenScape Community grows so does the value of the network as an enabler of location-based marketing.”

About SpectraMedia Communication Group

SpectraMedia’s unique group of associates coordinate creative and strategic strengths to pinpoint client needs, then deliver innovative solutions that work. We believe in the power of large ideas that are media-neutral, ideas that can be seamlessly applied in print, direct response, web, broadcast and non-traditional media. Our attention-grabbing graphic design, broadcast production and cutting edge website development help our clients to achieve spectacular results.

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is the first community-based digital signage network. Businesses of all sizes and in a range of industries use ScreenScape for digital signage, media distribution, and advertising. ScreenScape is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, enabling members to turn any Internet-connected computer or screen into a dynamic digital display. Utilizing ScreenScape, companies can easily access, create, share and update content, while keeping the total cost of ownership low. Members of ScreenScape form a collaborative community, which acts as a shared resource for content creation, exchange, cross-promotion and advertising revenue.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
(902) 368-1975 | screenscape [at] |
P.O. Box 291, 137 Queen Street, Suite 204 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada

Source: ScreenScape

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