Thursday, July 25, 2024

Rapid POS Announces Digital Signage – A Must Have Feature for Los Angeles Restaurant POS Systems

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LA Restaurant POS Systems Rapid POSLos Angeles Restaurants can benefit greatly from major improvements in POS Systems, Point of Sale Software and POS equipment. Impulse purchases expected to increase throughout San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Rapid POS announces the latest release, Version 12.5, of their Point of Sale software for restaurants in Los Angeles. The most exciting enhancement to their POS software is a digital signage option. This proven marketing method encourages customers to make impulse purchases, to inform customers of special promotions, or to advertise upcoming special events.

Rapid POS believes that a point of sale system should quickly pay for itself,” says Bart McCleskey, President of Rapid POS. “This feature is yet another concrete example of how our POS software impacts our Los Angeles restaurateurs’ bottom line.”

McCleskey went on to mention other benefits their Los Angeles restaurant POS system’s digital signage has:

  • POS signage may be stored locally or hosted on the internet at no cost
  • Restaurants incorporate their own branding in their POS signage – colors, font sizes, etc may be customized
  • Images may be set to rotate at whatever speed the restaurant owner wants
  • Control signage for multiple stores from one central location and instantly update the images displayed on all POS
  • Can be used to generate revenue – sell advertisement to vendors, suppliers, or neighboring businesses
  • Promote sale items, impulse buys, or upcoming events
  • Replaces the traditional 2-line customer display. It may be mounted on the rear of the POS or on a pole.
  • No special formats needed; it accepts jpg, gif, etc.

Archie Palencia, Rapid POS director of sales says, “Adding digital signage is a no brainer for any quick serve restaurant or bar in Los Angeles. It replaces the traditional line display and adds only about $100 to the system cost. That’s a small price to pay when you consider the upside benefits. We think any quick service restaurant in Los Angles that is considering purchasing a new POS should choose this option.”

The company also indicates that there their POS now supports the ability to e-mail receipts to customers and also allows restaurants to integrate their POS with a website for on-line food ordering. These are but a few of the 40 enhancements offered in this release of their restaurant POS software.

About Rapid POS
Rapid POS is a leading Point of Sale system provider for small and medium sized restaurant and retail businesses. In addition to multiple software solutions, they offer configuration, customization, installation, training and support services and have particular focus on serving businesses in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. To learn more and download their Free Report, “7 Things You Must Know to Get The Best Deal on POS,” go to

Source: Rapid POS

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