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Scala-Powered and Eye-Catching Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport wins Viscom Award

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Scala Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport 1Scala Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport 2It was announced that the Eye-Catching Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport, which is powered by Scala has won the Viscom Digital Signage Best Practice Award in the Category Information Signage ( Scala congratulates its partners Gnosysoft and Minicom for winning the 2010 Viscom award for the Larnaca Airport project.

“Scala is proud to support this iconic project with its flexible and stable software and long-lasting experience to create high quality content, scripting services and project management support,” said Oscar Elizaga, Vice President of Scala, EMEA and Emerging Markets.

Gnosysoft, Minicom Digital Signage and Scala combined their knowledge, experience, products and services to make this extraordinary digital signage project to a showcase project for how to craft surroundings and fantastic digital exposure to a captive audience.

This network comprises over 350 displays on 8 different venues, uses MDS transmission units – DS Vision 3000 – providing HD media distribution and display control and is powered by more than 40 Scala 5 Players.

George Roushas, GnosySoft Managing Director, says: “It was a great honor first of all to be awarded the Digital Signage project at the new Larnaca International Airport by AdAirport, ClearChannel and Hermes Airports because it has the makings of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our biggest challenge in 2009 was designing, installing and managing the Digital Signage project with our strategic partners Minicom Digital Signage and Scala.

We managed it by introducing a risk management program that ensured that potential for failure was identified early on in testing so that the final installation was guaranteed to be a success. As a result of this success, we at GnosySoft Ltd. are delighted to be the winner of the Viscom Award for 2010 with Minicom Digital Signage!

Lastly, I would like to show my gratitude to the digital signage team at GnosySoft Ltd. for their hard and innovative work, our strategic partners Minicom Digital Signage and Scala for the flawless collaboration and our client AdAirport Ltd. for believing in GnosySoft Ltd. to undertake this challenging Digital Signage project.”

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Source: Scala

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