Wednesday, June 19, 2024

signageOS Announces Full Support for Google ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex

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signageOS, a leading provider of digital signage infrastructure, has announced full support for Google ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex operating systems. This expansion enhances signageOS’s extensive compatibility, including over 50 hardware platforms and operating systems, and spans hundreds of different SoC displays and external players. By incorporating ChromeOS, signageOS offers businesses greater flexibility in managing their digital signage devices across a broader range of operating systems.

This integration provides numerous benefits for customers using ChromeOS devices. signageOS’s support for ChromeOS integrates with the Google Workspace API, ensuring compatibility within the Google ecosystem and facilitating easy provisioning. This enables businesses to use familiar tools and workflows, such as Bulk Provisioning, to enhance productivity and minimize the learning curve for new technologies.

Additionally, signageOS enhances Chrome Device Management with advanced digital signage-specific features for ChromeOS devices. A notable feature is ‘Power Scheduling,’ which allows users to set on/off schedules for displays connected to ChromeOS-based players. This optimizes energy consumption and extends the lifespan of both the players and displays by ensuring they are active only when necessary. These enhancements provide Google ChromeOS users with additional tools to streamline the management of their digital signage devices, making operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, the ChromeOS support includes out-of-the-box control of connected displays, managing brightness, input sources, volume, and other settings. Users benefit from a unified platform for managing ChromeOS devices alongside other hardware through a single interface. Leveraging ChromeOS’s security, simplicity, and speed, users can expect a reliable and efficient digital signage experience while utilizing signageOS’s comprehensive tools.

“We are excited to bring advanced, digital signage-specific features to ChromeOS, providing our users with increased flexibility and control. This integration allows businesses to efficiently manage their digital signage devices with the power and simplicity of ChromeOS, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing the value of their digital signage investments,” said Lukas Danek, Chief Product Officer of signageOS.

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