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The future at the PoS: viscom shows the full media range for intelligent sales promoting tools

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What will the display of the future look like? Which new media will be used at the PoS in future? These are the questions the International Trade Fair for Visual Communication viscom will focus on more strongly from 4 to 6 November in Frankfurt. This will be the first time that the trade fair will feature the new exhibition segment DISPLAY/PoS World. “For our exhibitors and our visitors the concentration of the exhibitors from the field of Display/PoS in a segment of their own is an additional asset and ideally complements our established core segments advertising technology, lighting technology, digital and individual printing as well as finishing technology and digital signage”, says viscom Director Petra Lassahn, pointing out, as it were, the particular strength of the trade fair which alternates every year between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt: the creation of synergies.

A prime example of the new media diversity which of course also significantly influences the Display/PoS sector is the digital signage segment which viscom has already been focussing on since 2007 with the Digital Signage World. Whether intelligent scales featuring advertising displays, the virtual trying on of glasses in the shop window or instore television in the supermarket: digital PoS media have already emerged as extremely efficient sales promoting tools in the retail sector. This is a growth market: a recent study of the Cologne EHI Retail Institute has shown that more than one third of the large retail chain stores plan to use digital media in their markets in the very near future. Digital signage, the display of content on screens, has the potential to bring about a lasting transformation of communication at the point of sale. At viscom 2009 in Düsseldorf this was demonstrated by well-known companies such as deset GmbH from Stuttgart, which develops innovative LED video displays. dimedis GmbH presented its “kompas” digital signage solution which offers solutions for PoS use on large screens, touchscreens, mobile devices and practically every digital medium. Companies such as NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH or Interactive Displays GmbH are also active in this field, combining state-of-the-art technologies and classical materials. The viscom core segments of advertising and lighting technology as well as finishing technologies, digital and inkjet printing are therefore of particular interest to the PoS sector.

Suppliers of displays, PoS equipment, merchandise presentation systems, shop systems, promotional items, display design, packaging, design and agency services will find the ideal platform for their business at viscom – for the very reason that this trade fair looks beyond the boundaries of individual sectors. Many companies have already come to appreciate this, and the 2009 list of exhibitors from this field reads like a “Who is who” of the industry. Those present in early October 2009 in Düsseldorf include for example: Display & Design Helmut Amelung Gmbh, HJE Systembau Eickhoff GmbH & Co. KG, Danish Sign Export a/s, VKF Renzel GmbH, DUO Display & Exhibit Systems and Promic Marketing. kunstdünger GmbH presented it new “soistes” product line, a modular profile system for the PoS. display- & Ausstellungs GmbH showcased its multifarious range of display solutions manufactured entirely in Europe. Ultima Displays Ltd presented its new “Elements” line, an extension of the popular Linear aluminium profile displays. “POSibility” is the name of the new sales system for first and second rate PoS placements presented at viscom by Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH. Already many companies have planned their trade fair presence at viscom 2010. Furthermore, companies such as Sachsen Fahnen GmbH & Co. KG, DOMMER Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik GmbH, Laser-Center GmbH, TIEDEMANN Gesellschaft m.b.H. and idee DISPLAY GmbH will be among those in the new DISPLAY/PoS World exhibition section.

The interest in the new core segment “DISPLAY/PoS” is also apparent from the viscom 2009 visitor survey: some 30 percent come to the trade fair to obtain specific information on displays and to view new PoS products. For the presentation technology segment, the corresponding figure is 17 percent of the visitors. The DISPLAY/PoS World is not only of interest to manufacturers and processors of displays but also to marketing and media specialists from industry and the retail sector as well as to agency production managers.

The range of products and services offered by exhibitors is complemented by a comprehensive supporting programme at viscom, covering the Display/PoS field in a large number of seminars. The lectures follow consumers in the process of deciding on a product – from their sofa at home to the shelf in the retail shop. The focus is on visual communication. An example are the Digital Signage Days on the first and second fair day which provide an overview of how out-of-home media, PoS displays and digital signage can be combined with the mobile Internet and social media to form an integrated communication platform. Of equal importance to the PoS and Display segments is the workshop on individual printing on the second day of the fair, 5 November. Several speakers will give an overview of the topic of inkjet printing with a wealth of new ideas for the point of sale.

Holding the long-established display SUPERSTAR, an award for the DISPLAY/PoS segment, at viscom frankfurt 2010 will be a first. In 2010 it will be presented in gold for the 17th time, and for the first time at viscom, for exhibits from the Short-term, Long-term, International, Digital Signage and Consumer Packaging categories. Also at viscom: the presentation of the Platinum SUPERSTAR to the winners of the gold award competitions in Germany, Poland and Italy. The awards are part of the new viscom core segment, the DISPLAY/PoS World. Here viscom presents the entire media range for intelligent sales promotion tools, specifically addressing manufacturers and suppliers of display, PoS and packaging solutions.

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