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Magasin du Nord increases its co-operation with ZetaDisplay

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ZetaDisplay_logoThe Magasin du Nord department store chain in Denmark is now increasing the level of its co?operation with ZetaDisplay in order to attract more customers to its Food & Wine department. ZetaDisplay supplies Digital Signage as a total concept, including content production.

We have worked together with ZetaDisplay since 2007, when we launched Digital Signage in our chocolates department. With the assistance of ZetaDisplays SpotEditor we can make alterations to prices, products or other information in ready?made spot templates. This enables us to make rapid changes to products and prices, and also let customers know about offers that we want to promote quickly in our media channels, says Ricky Overeem, Food Manager at Magasin du Nord.

Magasin du Nord is now choosing to make a further investment in this media channel, in order to attract more customers, with directed information related to the time of day. Two of the new zones are the escalators and entrances, but there are number of other interesting zones where Digital Signage can be used.

We notice on all fronts that co-operation with our existing customers and their experience of using the ZetaDisplay media platform for Digital Signage is highly positive. We see that there is a continual desire to expand their investment into more zones in retail stores in order to have better communication with customers. It is therefore a great pleasure for us to know that Magasin du Nord now intends to continue extending its Digital Signage. Satisfied clients are our best marketing tool, says Leif Liljebrunn, CEO for ZetaDisplay AB.

If you have questions please contact:

CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone: +46 70 845 80 52
E?mail: leif.liljebrunn [at]

Source: ZetaDisplay

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