March 24, 2023

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Q Systems Launches the World’s First Touch-Screen Digital Signage Solution for Managing Customer Queuing Lines

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The Q System Touch Screen and Q Controller

Developed to meet the demands of ever-growing lines at casino cashier cages, the revolutionary Q System provides an easy-to-use, touch-screen digital sign control interface for applications that require signage for managing customer lines, such as casinos, supermarkets and retail checkouts.

Queuing customers in long waiting lines has never been easier with the help of Q Systems, a convergence between digital signage and a user-friendly touch-screen interface. It works by displaying attention-grabbing, motion graphic messages on digital screens, controlled by a touch-screen interface, which direct or queue customers into the appropriate lines for service. Although the Q System was initially designed for casinos, it’s become very evident that it can be applied in many other public places.

Several casinos have already switched to the Q system including Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Firekeepers Casino in Michigan, Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, Empress Casino Joliet in Illinois and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. After installation, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City operators said, “The Q System is so much easier to use than the last system we had.” In Michigan, at Firekeepers Casino, cage cashier managers stated, “The large touch-screen interface makes it so simple to change a message. We were using the system after just about five minutes of training.” These are just a couple of testimonials from very happy customers.

Q System Harrah’s Resort Casino

The Q System is delivered as a complete turnkey package including the Q Controller, Q Touch Screen, Q Message Monitors, Cabling, Installation, Training, Warranty and Custom Motion Graphic Messages. Additional options include a Services Agreement for ongoing support, your choice for sizes and quantity of digital screens, customized enclosures for the digital screens and the hand-held iQ remote controller for changing sign messages.

“One of the greatest things about the Q System is that it can be installed anywhere in the world and in less than a day,” said Taylor Hightower, developer of the Q System software. He also added, “We’ve had many inquiries since our recent launch and our team is ready to begin rolling out the systems. From casinos and supermarkets to museums and amusement parks, applications for the Q System have apparently become endless.”

Todd Rickenbach
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Source: Q Systems

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