October 6, 2022


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Keywest Technology announces addition of FREE X-WARP geometric distortion correction software to strengthen MediaZone’s already robust feature set

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Keywest Technology_logoA $495 value, X-WARP will now be bundled at no charge with every new MediaZone digital signage system offering superior correction of geometric distortions often created when projectors are used digital signage applications.

Keywest Technology, a full-service leader offering digital signage content management servers, media players, software and services, has announced it will begin bundling at no additional cost its powerful X-WARP geometric distortion correction software module with every new MediaZone digital signage system sold.

X-WARP corrects geometric distortions introduced by projectors mounted at extreme angles beyond the range of the keystone correction capability built into most projectors. It can be used to perfectly map 2-D projected images onto 3-D surfaces; correct distortions created by projecting an image onto curved surfaces; and align the images projected by multiple projectors.

“Bundling X-WARP for free with every new MediaZone purchase delivers outstanding value and a capability that’s essential in many digital signage applications where projectors are used as display devices,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “Together with our powerful MediaZone digital signage platform, X-WARP offers our customers unmatched value and performance.”

One popular X-WARP application in use at a variety of museums and public venues is aligning projected images from multiple rear projectors on adjacent screens. With X-WARP, aligning screens edge to edge in a landscape fashion to create one large continuous image is quick and easy. Another common use of X-WARP is correct image distortions created when projecting a 2-D image onto curved or 3-D surfaces.

Keywest Technology will begin the FREE X-WARP bundling program immediately with all newly purchased MediaZone digital signage systems.

About Keywest Technology

Lenexa, KS, -based Keywest Technology develops and markets a wide variety of digital signage products, including hardware, software and content development services designed to produce exceptional results. The company is also a pioneer in interactive digital signage, which couples the appeal of dynamic signage with the interactivity associated with interactive kiosks. www.KeywestTechnology.com.

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