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Mvix launches Ceeno: A New Low-cost, Off-the-Shelf Signage Player for Retail, Restaurants and Real Estate Markets

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mvix ceeno
Mvix Ceeno

MvixUSA, a market leader in technology and products for high-definition entertainment, business signage solutions and networked accessible storage devices, announces the launch of its new signage player Mvix CEENO for Retail, Restaurants and Real Estate industries.

Designed for SMB applications, Mvix CEENO offers a simple, affordable, yet feature-rich system for displaying promotional or informational videos, digital slideshows, and text ticker. CEENO allows upto 720p/1080i video playback over Component Video port (YPbPr), audio over stereo analog port and data connectivity over 10/100 network port. Media can be downloaded to the device over the network (LAN / HTTP / FTP) or quite simply by plugging in a USB drive. Operationally, the media, playlists and schedules reside on a local storage (compact flash card) for stand-alone, independent operation. The bundled Windows-based Software enables file transfer, playlist management and an intuitive scheduler of digital media files (JPEG, MP3, MPEG 1/2/4, AVI). The administration software is capable of managing dozens of players on its network, simultaneously.The player can be configured to download media content upon boot or in an independent mode to allow for continuous playback regardless o f network connection.

“CEENO is a turnkey system for small retail locations requiring a medium of dynamic product advertisements, restaurant for electronic menuboards or for real-estate agencies for enabling digital showcases for their property” – commented Mike Mallon, the VP of business development of Mvix. “Its robust hardware and feature-rich content management system makes it an ideal choice for these SMB-3R markets we are targeting. Ceeno is priced competitively as it for its target market. There is no licensing or subscription fees associated with its purchase – making it one of most affordable turnkey signage systems available in the market as of today.”

Ceeno’s hardware and software architecture is focused around its ease of use. A simple-to-use, on-screen display menu allows users to configure its setup for network-based versus stand-alone mode operation. Offering a complete flexibility of network setup, Mvix Ceeno is capable of downloading and playing content from remote locations via http or ftp protocol. For stand-alone operations, Ceeno can be loaded by simply plugging in a USB drive to update media and playlists. Mvix Ceeno also allows for a zone-based playback of video, images and scrolling text on the same screen.

CEENO is priced at $359 and ships immediately from Mvix Direct Store and other retailers.

For more information, visit http://mvixusa.com/product/mvix-ceeno-networkable-digital-signage-player

For more information about Mvix Digital Signage Platforms, contact Mvix Business Relations Team at: 703.652.9131 or 703.652.9133
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About MVIX(USA), Inc.

MvixUSA is the market leader in technology and products for hard-disk based HTPCs, portable media-centers and hi-definition digital signage players. In addition, MvixUSA has leading expertise and products for digital playback of high-definition (1080p) video content, network streaming, NAS media storage, and IP service integration. Since inception, MvixUSA’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions has put the company at the forefront of digital entertainment industry. With a versatile line of audio and video products for use at home, on the road and in business environments, MvixUSA caters to customers who value quality, style and a technology-enabled lifestyle. In the recent past, Mvix Media Centers has received accolades from many well-known and respected reviewers across the world. Recently it own the “Editor’s Choice – Must Have” award from reputed technology review site TweakTown.com and was declared one of the “10 Hottest Linux Powered Gadgets” by TheHottestGadgets.com

MvixUSA products have been recommended as Best Holiday Gadget Gifts by ComputerWorld and Infoworld. For more information, visit www.mvixusa.com or call 1-866-310-4923

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