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Invidis Strategy Awards 2024: Winners Announced

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The third annual invidis Strategy Awards were announced at the Digital Signage Summit 2024 Europe, celebrating seven winners for their outstanding contributions to the digital signage industry. Honorees, including Deutsche Telekom with PPDS, Broadsign, and Sphere Entertainment, showcased innovative strategies that are shaping the future of digital signage.

DOOH & Retail Media: PPDS/Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom and PPDS were awarded for their leadership in “green” ePaper displays used in roadside exchange cabinets. This technology emphasizes sustainability while opening new markets for digital signage. Their upcoming large-scale proof of concept with Philips Tableaux and various Eco Design display technologies underlines their role in promoting eco-friendly digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions.

Green Signage: Broadsign Broadsign was recognized for adopting green software practices as part of the Green Software Foundation. Their efforts to create carbon- and energy-efficient applications and reduce the environmental impact of data centers highlight the importance of sustainable software in digital signage. Broadsign’s leadership in green technology demonstrates a commitment to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Shared Spaces & Engaging Experiences: The Sphere The Sphere in Las Vegas won the award for its 16k x 16k media facade and immersive indoor LED display, redefining how audiences engage with digital advertising. This venue sets a new standard for creating interactive and engaging experiences in digital signage, comparable to iconic locations like Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Software & Platforms: Visual Art Visual Art was honored for rebuilding its content management system (CMS) from scratch, investing over a million Euros and more than a year in development. The new platform integrates the latest retail media features and supports remote deployment, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of global customers. This strategic move positions Visual Art at the forefront of digital signage software innovation.

Industry Leadership: Trison Trison received recognition for its global footprint in the digital signage market, deploying 2,500 projects annually across 12 countries. Their comprehensive approach includes design, operation, and content creation for various verticals, establishing them as a leading player in the industry. The recent acquisition by L-GAM underscores Trison’s successful growth strategy and industry leadership.

Innovation: Samsung VXT Samsung’s VXT platform was awarded for its innovative approach to making digital signage a B2B mass product. By offering standardized solutions, Samsung enables IT integrators to provide complete packages that include hardware, software, and services. This approach is crucial for expanding the digital signage market and challenging established industry practices.

Rising Star: Nexmosphere Nexmosphere, recognized for its advanced sensor technology, was named the Rising Star. The company’s vision of integrating sensors with digital signage screens enhances interactive and dynamic user experiences. Their pioneering work in developing professional sensors and an ecosystem for digital signage highlights their significant impact on the industry.

Special Award: Andy Bohli, Imaculix/Cingerine Andy Bohli, CEO of Imaculix, received a special award for his innovative contributions to digital signage. Known for challenging industry norms, Bohli’s work with Linux-based control systems and sensor-driven advertising exemplifies his ability to drive the industry forward. His disruptive approach and innovative solutions have significantly influenced the digital signage landscape.

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