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Strategic Alliance AOpen Europe and Net Display Systems

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Net Display Systems logoA certified and successful Media Player & Software Digital Signage Solution

AOpen Europe, leading manufacturer of ultra small form factor digital signage hardware solutions, and Net Display Systems (NDS) a renowned digital signage software solutions provider joined forces to enhance their strong position in the digital signage industry.

The compatibility of the NDS PADS software and AOpen Digital Engine Media Player has been successfully tested by our engineers. Both parties see great benefit in offering an out-of-the-box solution to make it easier for both system integrators and end-customers to set up the system in minutes. Both products are now certified and therefore guarantee for a reliable and successful solution.

PADS software offers native data integration and support for interactivity as standard features. Editing content is easy to manage, without the need for extensive training. Templates can be uploaded simply in order to comply with corporate standards and graphic wishes. PADS uses the Windows Presentation Foundation: this means that programs running under the Windows platform can be used within the creation.

The AOpen Digital Engine is a unique Small Form Factor (uSFF) Media Player series with active or passive cooling, each with its own specification to cater to different needs. The compact size makes it easy to install behind a display without increasing the space between the wall and the display or to integrate in a kiosk or other specially designed presentation system.

Installations vary per industry and customer demand, from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions. AOpen and NDS have worked outstandingly in these installations. For more information about pricing and availability, please contact AOpen Europe or NDS.

About AOPENAOpen

AOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the growth of AOpen.

As the leading manufacturer, of reliable, powerful and green digital signage media player solutions world-wide, combined with the unique small form factor (uSFF), AOpen is able to provide the world’s smallest semi-industrial Media Player with such strong capabilities. AOpen keeps expanding its products and services for digital signage and other vertical application markets such as: kiosks, point of sales, car PCs, medical care facilities, gaming applications, flight information systems, security systems and more.

With in-depth market knowledge and a team of industry experts AOpen can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOpen cooperates with its global value added channel network to go to market.

About Net Display Systems

Since their establishment in 1994 Net Display Systems has evolved into a recognized worldwide player for digital signage software. Their core-business is developing digital signage software called PADS.

With an extensive partner network the company is proactive in more than 75 countries. Their partners are dedicated and specialized professionals providing installation, training and support of their products. Net Display Systems has thousands of installations in multiple market sectors from transportation, corporate and government to hospitality and retail.

One in four of the hundred world’s most recognized brands have chosen PADS as their digital signage platform.

Every day millions of people all over the world see displays running the PADS software of Net Display Systems. Installations vary from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions.

More information

Net Display Systems B.V.

Peter den Burger: Peter.den.Burger [at] nds.eu
Bjorn Pieper: Bjorn.Pieper [at] nds.eu


Luchthavenweg 59-I
5657 EA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

T: +31 88 2661177
F: +31 88 2661178
E: info [at] nds.eu
W: www.nds.eu

AOpen Computer BV Europe

Gabriëlle Offringa: Gabrielle_Offringa [at] AOpen.com

Ploegweg 5
5232 BR ’s Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
T: +31736466400
E: Digital_Signage [at] AOpen.com
W: www.AOpen.com


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