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GestureTek, Patented Inventor of 3D Camera Based Gesture Control, Launches GestPoint Maestro3D

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Gesturetek logoGestureTek announces the launch of its GestPoint Maestro3D Software Development Kit (SDK), and licenses, providing patented cutting-edge 3D-video gesture control system that uses 3D depth cameras to track people and their gestures in free space, giving them touch-free control. See Maestro3D for use in Public Digital Displays and Signage in GestureTek’s booth ( # 5483 ) at Infocomm 2011; Orlando June 15-17th.

Over 10 years ago GestureTek invented Video Gesture Control using 3D cameras, and has been using it in dynamic custom installations for its Fortune 500 customers. This robust 3D tracking software SDK is now available.

The multi-patented GestPoint Maestro3D software functions with all the available 3D cameras on the market including Microsoft’s Kinect. The SDK has a number of tracking paradigms as well as a gesture library to allow for the variety of ways that an interactive 3D gesture system can be used in both public and private spaces.

The Maestro3D Hand Tracker is for specific point and control scenarios in public digital signage, and presentations, etc. It allows the developer to quickly and simply create a fixed 3D tracking area of any size, in free space, and choose precisely where that tracking area will be positioned in front of the screen or camera, with pixel accuracy. It will track the (x,y,z) position of up to 10 hands in real time, for Multi-user 3D tracking applications. Control everything from the Desktop cursor, to onscreen objects, or navigation. Maestro3D responds instantly to new users and unlike other systems does not require the user to stand still for a given duration to be “registered”.

The Maestro3D Multi-Tracker detects multiple data points on the user’s body (head, torso and hands) enabling more dynamic 3D gesture tracking as well as the creation of Immersive full-body representations, and aspects of avatar control. The system comes with a dynamic library of multi-touch gestures including circles, swipes, scrolling, enlarging, or rotating items, etc. and connects directly to Adobe Flash or provides other interfaces for a variety of programmer models.

The Maestro3D SDK enables developers to create their own interactive applications for touch-less control of interactive displays, digital signage, kiosks, store windows and multiple development and OEM platforms, including PCs, laptops. Operating systems supported include Windows® XP & Windows® 7.

“3D gesture control is an engaging and user-friendly display interface technology that can be used for games and entertainment, retail advertising, digital signage, information delivery, educational installations, way finding, and presentations,” says Vincent John Vincent, President and Co-Founder, GestureTek Inc. ”Other uses for 3D control includes surgery and clean rooms, fitness and rehabilitation. GestureTek has already licensed its video gesture control technology/patent to clients like Microsoft for the XBOX and Sony for the PlayStation. GestureTek’s 2D & 3D gesture based systems are the inspiration for the technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect. Maestro3D brings 3D tracking to the public display market.”

GestureTek provides custom 3D camera development for clients, like the large-format multi camera 3D vision attraction for the Space Fantasy ride at Universal Studios Japan, in which up to 40 guests could use gestures to interact with an 85-foot “Harmony Wall”.

link: Maestro3D Hand & Multi Tracker Videos:


GestureTek®, founded 1986, is the inventor & pioneer of video gesture recognition/control systems for presentation, information & entertainment systems. With multi-patented single, multiple & 3D depth camera solutions, the technology lets people use hand & body motions to control dynamic computer content on any screen, interactive surface or camera-enabled device – with no need to wear, hold or touch anything special. GestureTek also offers immersive & multi-touch gesture-based products. GestureTek has delivered over 5,000 interactive solutions for LBE facilities, public digital signage & displays, & licensed to device manufacturers & game developers. Selected customers & licensees include, Sony, Microsoft (XBOX), Samsung, Nokia, DoCoMo, & Intel. Toronto is the companies head office. Learn more at or call (800) 315-1189.

Source: GestureTek

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