June 7, 2023


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GestureTek Launches Another First: A Turnkey, ‘Plug-n-Play’ Portable Interactive Display System

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GestureTek Cube Plug and Play Interactive Display System_1 GestureTek Cube Plug and Play Interactive Display System_2 GestureTek Cube Plug and Play Interactive Display System_3 GestureTek Cube Plug and Play Interactive Display System_4GestureTek Inc., the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-controlled interactive display solutions, today announced the launch of the new ‘Cube’, a completely portable, ‘plug-n-play’ interactive projection display unit that brings the power of motion-based interactivity to any location, adding high impact and excitement to advertising, branding and promotional campaigns.

The Cube is an ‘interactive display in a box’ that comes pre-configured and pre-calibrated, and includes over 70 engaging games, special effects and video and sound applications.  Flash applications are also available.  Its ‘plug-n-play’ setup is so simple that no onsite technical support is required for installation.  Simply roll it in, turn it on and it is instantly interactive.

“We’ve taken the best features of our highly successful large, permanent overhead interactive display deployments and packaged them into a flexible and compact turnkey system that is perfect for even the most space-constrained venues,” said Vincent John Vincent, President of GestureTek.

The Cube is an intelligent box measuring 23 x 18 x 16 inches and weighing 60 pounds.  It comes with a 4’ x 5’ mat, onto which an 80” diagonal display is projected.  Multi-media content is displayed on an interactive floor, allowing users to control and manipulate this content by stepping onto the projection.

GestureTek’s sophisticated, multi-patented video gesture control software for body tracking monitors the movements of people using the Cube.  Together with a high-end projector, camera and other hardware  (including a Quad Core computer, portable multimedia projector with an ultra short throw lens, four USB connections, an Ethernet connection and a mini audio jack), the system detects motion and responds with changes to the projected content.

“After a year of research and development to ensure optimal resolution, zero technical support, flexibility to use on both floors and walls and the ability to allow users to make custom content changes with the press of a button, I’m confident in saying that the Cube is the most flexible and easy-to-use gesture-controlled interactive display system in the world,” says Vincent.

GestureTek’s customers are also singing the praises of the Cube.  Customers who were part of the Cube’s ‘soft launch’ over the past few months gave the Cube extremely high marks as an attention-grabbing, ready-to-use product.

The Cube is perfect for retail chains, hospitality locations and advertising rollouts.  Its visual appeal causes passers-by to stop in their tracks and engage with the brand.  Its portability allows it to be used for time-specific promotions, and to be easily moved from location to location, depending on the organization’s advertising and marketing requirements.  The Cube is also well-suited for trade shows and traveling events, due to its mobility and ease of use.  Cubes can be set up anywhere, and within minutes are fully interactive.

“Any time an advertiser wants to market in a high-traffic location and deliver a strong advertising message that cuts through the clutter, or to provide an engaging game or activity that keeps consumers engaged with the brand for a longer period of time, the Cube is an engaging and cost-effective option.”

Adds Vincent, “Sears, Old Navy, American Family Insurance, Diageo and Cineviz are among the businesses who have turned to the Cube.  These companies enjoy all the promotional benefits of a large-scale interactive digital signage system without the usual accompanying financial, real estate and technology commitments.”

See the video and more information on the Cube at http://www.gesturetek.com/cube/introduction.php

Specification: http://www.gesturetek.com/pdfs/gesturefx/cube.pdf

Gesturetek_logoAbout GestureTek

GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-recognition for information, presentation and entertainment systems.  The company’s revolutionary video gesture control software lets users control interactive content, access information, manipulate special effects, or immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world, by moving their hands or body. Over the past 20 years, GestureTek has delivered more than 4,000 interactive displays, kiosks, exhibits, games and other interactive solutions for mobile devices, game developers, location-based entertainment facilities, retail stores, museums, science centers,  tourism and hospitality venues, real estate presentation centers, corporate boardrooms and showrooms and television networks.  Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro and NTT DoCoMo. Clients include CNN, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Federal Express and Panasonic.  GestureTek is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia. Visit www.gesturetek.com or call (800) 315-1189.

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