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Panphonics Directional Audio Drives Customer Purchases for Leading Digital Signage Networks

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7-Eleven TV; IKEA Helsingborg`s Children`s Room and Marimekko Flagship Store in Helsinki Use Panphonics Sound Shower® Speake

Panphonics, the leading provider of directional audio speakers, today announced that it has developed new audio systems for the direct delivery of messages in retail environments. Recent findings from Panphonics installations in 7-Eleven TV; IKEA, and Marimekko, for example, demonstrate that customer attention is increased tenfold, when compared with display areas that do not install directional audio. This increased attention has manifested increased sales for Panphonics retail customers that use the companys Sound Shower® loudspeakers, when compared to pure visual solutions. Directional audio has a direct influence in both generic digital signage installations, but is reflected most powerfully in increased revenues on the marketed brands that reach customers on point of purchase.

Recently, Panphonics has expanded its retail integration program to include both the industrys largest retail installation and some of the industrys most innovative installations.

Panphonics has developed a network of partnerships with leading sound designers and audio systems integration experts to help realize its ?Sound of Shopping concepts for retailers, which envelops customers with pristine, discrete audio, even in embedded applications, directed at the listener. Some highlights include:

    The 7-Eleven TV Network incorporates Panphonics speakers in a roll-out that will reach an estimated 190 million monthly viewers at more than 6,200 7-Eleven stores throughout the United States and Canada. The network, when completed, is expected to drive more than 2.3 billion impressions annually. In each 7-Eleven store where 7-Eleven TV is installed, the Sound Shower speakers are integrated with two LCD high-definition monitors that will target audio only to consumers who are positioned directly in front of the monitors. The 7-Eleven TV in-store network will deliver around-the-clock programming with national and local entertainment news and weather, as well as exclusive content fit for convenience shoppersThe kids area in IKEAs Helsingborg, Sweden store features an installation from. Gothenburg, Sweden-based sound installation firm Ljudbyran for which Panphonics and Electrosound installed six Panphonics Sound Shower 1200 speakers. The Sound Shower speakers are installed discreetly in the ceiling of the kids corner and create perceptual audio channels within the area.

The IKEA kids corner design includes interactive video and audio, and leverages the Panphonics speakers for specific audio messages throughout the area. Panphonics Sound Shower speakers are specified by IKEA in their global store design blue book as one of the solutions for the Kids Corner.

    The Tasaraita room in the newly-renovated flagship Marimekko store in Helsinki features Sound Shower speakers, which deliver an interactive audio element in a section of the store dedicated to the Marimekko Tasaraita clothing range. Visitors to the Tasaraita room can enter from three locations.  When entering or exiting any of the three entrances, visitors experience a build-up of sound elements throughout the space that relates to the ?even stripes concept. The Sound Shower speakers are inconspicuous, and are well-concealed in the Tasaraita rooms low ceiling.

?The 21st-century retail experience is a multi-sensory one, and the ?Sound of Shopping concept appeals to brands that want to place an aural stamp on the worlds they are creating inside their stores, said Kari Mettala, CEO of Panphonics. ?There are multifaceted benefits from directional audio installations, including the expansion of retail space, and the true, direct message delivery to specific customers. We can now amplify customer engagement in an immersive way, and create greater customer satisfaction.

For more information regarding Panphonics products and services, contact info [at] or +358 (0)40 5390 600.

About Panphonics Panphonics is the worlds leading provider of directional audio speakers.  Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Panphonics delivers targeted audio solutions for acoustically demanding applications. Panphonics Sound Shower® directional audio speakers can be found in banks, retail stores, digital signage projects, museums, information kiosks, service stations, theaters, and offices throughout the world.  For more information, please contact the company web site at

Source: Panphonics

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