Sunday, December 10, 2023

uma Introduces First Semantic Display Product for Digital Signage Applications

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SKIN™ Delivers High-Resolution, Semantically Curated Content for Corporate, Retail, and Industrial Settings; Siemens and SinnerSchrader are First Customers

uma, the industry leader in semantic web technology, today announced the introduction of the industry’s first product for semantic display, enabling a wide range of content producers – including corporations, retailers, and brands – to deliver smart content to users on massive, multitouch displays. Named uma SKIN™ (for Semantic Knowledge Information Network), the uma product is a modular multitouch display solution that combines uma’s semantic content curation engine, which provides real-time information based on suggested topics or key words. Like an organism’s skin, the uma SKIN™ product provides a display that can be touched and manipulated, and provide response, in the form of information.The company’s first installation is the Siemens Identity Display (SID) at the Siemens CEE headquarters facility in Vienna. The SID display includes 14 MultiTouch Cell 46-inch Full HD LCD displays from MultiTouch Ltd., in a 10.5-meter wall that enables tens of visitors to simultaneously interact with Siemens information, as well as digital art, audiovisuals, local and global news, and other rich media and Web 2.0 content. uma has incorporated the MultiTouch display technology in its SKIN™ product, and at 29 Megapixels, the Siemens Identity Display has the highest resolution of any multitouch installation in the world.

uma has also installed a smaller, 3-meter wall at NEXT11, the interactive conference produced by leading Berlin-based digital agency SinnerSchrader, that runs today and tomorrow, May 17th and 18th, at the STATION-Berlin.

“The world of information has its own meaning, or language, skin, and that is represented both by the ultimate delivery of content as much as the physical touching and interacting with content that helped us formulate this new product,” said Christian Dögl, founder and CEO of uma. “We are fortunate to have found a customer in Siemens that ideally recognizes the value of ideas and information as relevant art that can be displayed and interacted within a public setting.”

uma SKIN™ enables visitors to explore a universe of Siemens values and topics that are presented and contextualized automatically from different data and web repositories, minimizing the content curatorial effort for Siemens Corporate Communications. uma SKIN™ also includes person tracking technology, which – in an almost magical way – allows it to react to the presence of people in front of or passing by the display. The interaction with the content is personalized on demand through RFID Technology. The Siemens Identity Display complements the impressive nature of Siemens City Vienna and communicates the multifaceted identity of Siemens and its employees to an internal and external audience.

“At Siemens, we have always had a culture of openness and community – towards our employees as well as our customers and the community,” explains Brigitte Ederer, Head of Corporate Human Resources and Labor Director for Siemens AG. “uma’s idea of making a global corporation like Siemens tangible – literally touching a living organism like Siemens – excited me. They have created a state-of-the-art example of how Web 3.0 can foster Interactivity in the organization and the exchange of ideas and experiences can be brought to completely new levels. In human resources and corporate communications, this is literally deciding the future.”

uma SKIN’s semantic content curation engine minimizes the effort for content production, editing and curating. It can be used in corporate-or public communication, retail, exhibition and museum scenarios. The semantic content curator engine is able to retrieve and contextualize content from various repositories or the web, including web 2.0 sources. Person tracking enables passive interaction of content with visitors. The interaction with the content is on-demand and is personalized through RFID technology. Interactive screen area configurations currently range from 1.2 up to 8.4 Meters @ 29 Megapixels.

About uma – separating the signal from the noise

Since its founding in 1994, uma has been thinking about new forms of complex knowledge retrieval and spatial user experiences. Within this domain, uma has continuously built a reputation as an innovation leader, demonstrated through various awards and international recognitions during the last decade. uma provides end-to-end services for its customers, helping with creative planning as well as the implementation and integration on the basis of Melvil ®, a semantic service platform the SKIN™ and VICO™ Multitouch Solutions and MelvilMediaMood ®, a semantic social and analog Media Monitoring Solution.

uma clients include the OTTO Group, Republic of Austria, Siemens, Intel, IBM , Intersport, Deutsche Telekom AG, 3, Verbund AG, Red Bull or L’Oréal.  uma is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Source: uma

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