Thursday, October 5, 2023

Megatex create the world’s first LED screen with solar panel

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Megatex Inc. created a revolutionary product that combines LED technology and renewable energy. Bulgarian company created the world’s first LED screen with an integrated solar panel that is   effective combination of two revolutionary technologies.

Megatex combines the latest trends in technology and create an effective, environmentally friendly and unique product.   Company is entirely devoted to innovation in LED and LCD technology and is the first international companies to provide this technology to market.

Solar panel with 5 kilowatts of power will provide power for electronic equipment on the screen. The new screen is designed for use outdoors and can be installed in stadiums, concerts, and is used as a billboard. What distinguishes it is a fact that can be installed in locations without access to electricity, such as   highways.

Megatex sells its products on four continents – Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The introduction of efficient, clean screen will provide the company’s path to new markets and will strengthen its position in markets that are already familiar with its products.

Megatex is a leading manufacturer of LED products, LED walls, screens, sports systems, digital clocks and thermometers, digital transport systems. In 2010. company reached the 30,000 sales of LED boards of Bulgarian and international market and become a leader in the world among manufacturers of these products.

About Megatex

Megatex is a Bulgarian producer of unique LED products including LED screens, LED walls, LED dynamic message displays, digital transport systems, sport information systems, digital clocks and thermometres, currency information displays and totems. The company sells its products on four continents – Europe, Ameica, Africa and Asia.

Megatex Inc.
Address: Pozitano Str. 145, 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria

Press contact:
Milena Veneva
+359885885181, +35929238911

Source: Megatex

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