Monday, July 22, 2024

Mvix DLite Portable Digital Signage : An Affordable Solution for Retail, Exhibits & Offices

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Mvix DLite low price stand alone digital signage playerMany small retail stores want to showcase their products with dynamic content displayed at the point of sale, in the store window, or at expos and conventions. They would love to take advantage of the revenue-generating potential of high-tech digital signage for their own businesses.

Introducing, Mvix DLite: a new, low-cost digital signage media player. It is a low-priced, portable wonder box full of features that bring comprehensive digital signage to YOUR small business, without breaking your budget.

The Mvix DLite is suitable for applications in small retail establishments , independent convenience stores, trade-show and event video displays, individual office locations, real-estate applications, conferences, etc.

The Mvix DLite digital signage system is ideally suited for applications in small retail establishments such as independent convenience stores, delicatessens, garden shops/nurseries, pet stores, etc. And digital signage can drive customers towards the products or services YOU want to move.

  • Promote new products or high-end offerings using in-store screens
  • Invite customers to join loyalty programs
  • Highlight rebate specials, premiums, quantity discounts
  • Play manufacturer’s promotional videos to earn subsidy credits

In addition to in-store application, Mvix DLite’s portability makes it a natural for video displays at trade shows, conferences, and other business events. If your previous event displays have been a simple looping DVDs or files on a laptop, you already know about the high failure rates during DVD playbacks. Laptops are expensive, difficult to secure and heavy to carry around.

Mvix DLite is fast gaining popularity not just because of the incredibly low price, but for capabilities such as:

  • Ready-to-use digital display device for product showcasing
  • Scheduled auto-power on, auto-play, auto-loop
  • Up-scaled HD video output (upto 720p) for crisp display quality
  • HDMI video connection to LCD / LED TVs
  • Ultra-portable and pre-configured setup

So what’s stopping your small business from taking advantage of the power of digital signage? If you’ve been discouraged in the past by the thought of costly equipment that’s also too high-tech for the average business owner to install and manage, Mvix has some very good news for your bottom line.

Source: Mvix

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