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Popstar Networks Partners with Sprint to Deliver Wireless Broadband for Digital Signage Networks

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Popstar Networks logoM2M technology and broadband connectivity securely provide rich media content for interactive and passive displays virtually anywhere

Cinema Scene Marketing launches Popstar Wireless Broadband pilot program to connect its TrailerVision displays for in-lobby movie promotions

Popstar Networks, a leading provider of advanced digital signage solutions, today announced the creation of a new strategic partnership with Sprint to deliver Popstar Wireless Broadband™ for extensive digital signage networks. Utilizing Sprint’s machine-to-machine (M2M) platform and 3G and 4G broadband connectivity via Sprint’s wireless networks, Popstar Wireless Broadband provides fast, secure delivery of rich media content for interactive and passive digital displays.

As part of this partnership, Sprint and Popstar Networks will showcase digital signage solutions in the Sprint booth #3076 at CTIA 2011, March 22-24 in Orlando, Fla.

Available only from Popstar Networks and designed for medium- to large-scale digital signage networks, wireless broadband connectivity enables companies to:

  • Cost-effectively reach target customers in virtually any location
  • Dramatically improve deployment time and accelerate return on investment for advanced digital signage solutions
  • Eliminate hard-wired broadband installation and maintenance challenges at signage sites
  • Reduce the burden on an enterprise’s existing network infrastructure
  • Simplify the complexity of managing each site within the digital signage network
  • Reduce engineering, installation and connectivity costs
  • Develop, deploy and manage extensive deployments of signage and kiosks on a single network with a single point of contact

“High-speed wireless broadband is certainly the answer for multi-location device connectivity where landline connections are impractical or too expensive, but we also see wireless broadband quickly becoming the de facto approach for all digital signage network deployments,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group. “We’re pleased to partner with Popstar Networks to offer the digital signage market a very compelling solution.“

Wireless Broadband Pilot Program Launch

The companies also announced that Cinema Scene Marketing and Promotions, a current Popstar Networks customer, is piloting Popstar Wireless Broadband initially in a number of Cinema Scene theater locations in early second quarter of 2011. The company’s flagship product, TrailerVision™, combines elements of a static movie poster with digital technology to stream bandwidth-intensive, hi-definition movie trailers and advertisements in theater lobbies.

Additional Information:

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Source: Popstar Networks

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