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World Media Net to showcase major new digital signage platform for Emergency Services at Fire Department Instructors Conference 2011

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World Media Net logoFire Rescue TV delivers 24/7 breaking fire news, training and equipment updates to Fire, EMS and 911 centers across US and Emergency Centers throughout Canada. Launched Jan. 2011

World Media Net & Affiliates LLC, an authorized partner of Capital Networks Limited, will showcase a major new digital signage platform for emergency services at the FIRE DEPARTMENT INSTRUCTORS CONFERENCE (FDIC) March 24-26, 2011. Fire Rescue TV is a 24/7 news and information system that will transform the way first responders receive daily news and other operational information.  Content and messaging is updated within minutes – and can link with local, regional, state and federal agencies nationwide – to ensure emergency services centers have critical up-to-the-minute life saving information.

World Media Net worked with Capital Networks Limited to design Fire Rescue TV – using the industry leading Audience™ information delivery platform. It will be deployed to Fire Departments, Command Centers and Emergency Service (EMS) agencies throughout North America and Canada. World Media Net will manage and host the network and content provided by Fire Rescue TV.

Key features of Fire Rescue TV include:

  • A crawl to gather real time fire and rescue news from various RSS feeds
  • Live feeds from weather reports
  • Remote access can be given to any agency needing to relay life saving information
  • Content can be targeted to specific locations, regions or globally throughout the Fire Rescue TV digital signage network
  • Screens can be branded with a department’s own logos and identification call signs
  • System can also be used to schedule commercials and adverts for fire and rescue vendors

About FDIC
FDIC is the largest fire and emergency conference in North America. It provides comprehensive training for today’s serious firefighters and brings top companies to showcase the latest tools and technology designed to save lives, all in one venue. You can see first-hand live demonstrations of the latest innovations that influence fire service safety and performance.

Visit World Media Net & Affiliates LLC at booth 123 to see Fire Rescue TV, Powered by Audience™ March 24-26.

About Fire Rescue TV
The new Fire Rescue TV digital signage network will provide 24 hour information and news directly related to the Fire and Rescue industry. Fire Departments, Rescue Squad Departments, Military and Government Fire Departments, Airport Fire Departments, Offices of Emergency Services and Hospital Networks are expected to sign on to the new service.

Fire Rescue TV is based in Hampton Virginia. A secondary production studio in the Washington DC area is expected to be on line summer 2011. New Fire Rescue TV clients will be provided a commercial series 42 inch digital LCD screen, content playback system and professional installation services. Fire Rescue TV will provide viewers with an extensive library of videos, breaking news throughout the day and an in-depth look at the latest firefighting tools and trends affecting US & Canadian First Responders. Fire Rescue TV is managed by CEO Ernie Hux and by Executive Producer Martin C. Grube. Martin Grube retired after over 34 years in the Virginia Beach, VA fire department and served as a Master Firefighter / EMT, Fire Instructor & Assistant Fire Marshall.

About World Media Net
World Media Net & Affiliates LLC has over 23 years of broadcast, communications and information systems experience and since 1995 has specialized in working with Local, State and Federal Agencies nationwide and overseas. Projects involve the consultation, design and project management of “mini TV studios” for various agencies, deployment of secured government communications via satellite up and downlinks, consultation, design and installation of various display and digital signage information systems at various governmental locations. In 2001, World Media Net & Affiliates LLC began working directly with all U.S. Military Branches, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Agency and the Department of Justice.

World Media Net’s clients in the military sector include: the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and US Navy. Clients in other markets include The Boeing Company, Ford Motor Company, McDonald’s and BP.

For more information, please contact:
Robert Wolgamotti
World Media Net
robertw [at]

Source: World Media Net

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