Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Borg Displays Introduces the Micro-OEM Program

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Custom bezels and button integration at very modest prices

Borg Displays, the leading provider of in-wall embedded touch-controllers.  Protégé, the Borg-branded suite of displays is sold through professionals worldwide in control, digital signage, healthcare, and other industries where dedicated, always-on reliability is critical.  Borg’s new program offers professionals, application providers, OEMs and others the same reliable suite of interactive interfaces with custom logos, icons, bezel color and look / feel and desired button integration in the respective software.

“We are exploiting our own nimbleness and high-touch customer service so that others can have relatively small orders of custom units”, state Craig Slawson, President of Borg.  “This is a cool opportunity to get beyond our brand and have it your way for very modest order sizes – sometimes just a single unit!. The Program offers custom bezel colors, logos, button icons and colors so application providers and others wanting to extend their brand can link the buttons into their application exactly as desired.  There’s even a custom boot up splash screen….unfortunately the units never need to be turned off so this feature is a bit superfluous.” quips Mr. Slawson.

Borg Displays, Inc develops optimal interface solutions for a variety of professional integration industries on Windows XPe, WinCE and Linux platforms.  The affordable suite of Protégé branded 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 15” touchcontrollers are specifically designed to run quiet, cool and fast, engaging users with networked content, third party control – security – entertainment – signage applications, or energy management on centrally located always-on sentinels.


Craig Slawson
SKYPE: cslawson
web: www.borgdisplays.com

Source: Borg Displays

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