Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mvix Digital Signage for Banks, Credit Unions & Financial Institutions

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Mvix bank signageEffective Communication. Save Time. Make Money

Time is Money and what better place to live this phrase than Banks and Credit Unions that are branching-out, far-and-wide across the globe. But with deluge of customers comes the necessity to streamline customer relationship and opt for efficient communication and promotional tools. Long queues at tellers, lack of clarity about services and rates, mismanagement of records can be major turn offs for customers that can lead to lost business.

Bank and credit union marketing directors are starting the appreciate the the flexibility of digital and visual communication systems because they can easily change the content and keep it fresh. Mvix presents Digital Signage Systems offering public display solutions that allow facilities of all sizes to utilize this smart new technolgy.
low cost Digital Signage

Digital AV communication offers a significantly efficient and compelling platform than the traditional poster-boards, signage stands, POS displays, and that too at a much lower cost.

Use Mvix Digital Signage Systems to facilitate change at your financial institutions by:

* Informing customers about new mortgage and loan products, investment options and other financial services.
* Establishing better customer relationship and management by showing waiting times facilities available at each counter
* Streaming Current Information about Market Rates, Currencies, Stocks, etc
* Displaying News and Current Affairs to keep Customers Engaged
* Promoting financial services and vividly differentiate your bank’s mission, vision and customer-centric philosophy.Mvix bank signage2
* Improving Member Communication and Branch Merchandising with Digital Signage.

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Source: Mvix

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