Sunday, July 14, 2024

Borg announces a new affordable in-wall Display

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Protégé in-wall embedded interactive displayThe new Protégé 8lt sports a smaller, cleaner footprint yet powerful processor

Borg Displays, Inc, the premier innovator of affordable in-wall embedded touch controllers, announces the introduction of the newest Protégé in-wall embedded interactive display, the Pro8lt.  The much smaller footprint enables a wider variety of installation scenarios with the same powerful X86-based processor running embedded Windows XPe.

“This puppy stands alone as the penultimate implementation of our popular Protégé series in-wall controllers”, states Craig Slawson, President of Borg Displays, Inc.  “Sans audio in/out and hard buttons and webcam, the Pro8lt offers all the same application support of the Protégé 8 on a clean form factor”.

Borg Displays develops in-wall interface solutions for a variety of professional integration industries on Windows XPe, Win7e, WinCE and Linux platforms.  The affordable suite of Protégé branded 6”, 8”, 10” 15” and 21” touchcontrollers are specifically designed to run quiet, cool and fast, engaging users with networked content, third party control – security – entertainment – signage applications, or energy management on centrally located always-on sentinels.

Source: Borg Displays

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