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Keywest Technology digital signage adds corporate feel to school district’s professional development program

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Keywest Technology Blue Valley SchoolAt the heart of the new Center for Advanced Professional Studies program building in the Blue Valley School District is an extensive digital signage network supported by Keywest Technology hardware and software.

Keywest Technology, a digital signage innovator offering digital signage media servers, players, software and services, announced today that the Blue Valley School District in southern Johnson County, KS, is using its digital signage technology at the district’s new Center for Advanced Professional Studies building.

The three-story steel-and-glass building is home to hundreds of high-school-aged students each semester seeking business-oriented education and a taste of what it is like to work in a professional corporate environment. The Keywest Technology digital signage network in use at the facility informs students and visitors of school activities, sports scores, menu selections, weather conditions and other important information. The signage network also contributes to the facility’s overall professional ambiance.

“We are delighted to help provide students in the Blue Valley School District with a sense of what it’s like to work in a real corporation,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “Our digital signage network not only is delivering on its mission as a valuable communications medium, but also helping to create the serious business environment the school district sought for its new CAPS building.”

At the heart of the CAPS digital signage network are 18 Keywest Technology MediaZone digital signage players controlling playback on LG Electronics LCD panels ranging in size for 32 to 55 inches. Content is built and screens divided into playback zones with Keywest Technology’s MediaZone Editor software, and the entire digital signage network runs under the control Keywest Technology’s InfoZone enterprise management software.

Keywest Technology won the contract to supply the digital signage network technology and its installation in a competitive bidding process. Besides the CAPS project, Keywest Technology has supplied MediaZone players and InfoZone enterprise software for use in a new Blue Valley School District high school and at the district’s headquarters.

Keywest Technology has become a valued partner of the school district in meeting its digital signage goals, said Tom Brenneman, executive director of Information Technology for the school district. “This has been a very good relationship with Keywest Technology,” said Brenneman. “The quality of Keywest Technology’s products and their attention to detail has made me feel that we made a good choice in selecting them for our digital signage solution.”

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