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MultiSync X551UN – ultra-thin frame of the screen, Full HD resolution and LED backlight

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NEC Display Solutions in late spring this year. plans to introduce the NEC MultiSync ® X, the first large-format monitor running a resolution of Full HD. At the same time MultiSync ® X551UN will be the first choice for video walls with direct LED backlight. The frame of this 55-inch model is the thinnest of all monitors on offer NEC Display Solutions. Its planned width is 3.7 mm for the frame top and the left and 1.8 mm for bottom and right. This gives only 5.7 mm distance between display video content on the wall, which, combined with the high resolution of 1920 x 1080 resolution ensures outstanding image quality. NEC MultiSync ® X551UN is ideal for customers in the Retail and Digital Signage, rental companies and control facilities (eg police, fire, monitoring industrial processes).

The technology of direct illumination, LEDs are positioned behind the panel, giving equal illumination across the screen with brightness up to 700 cm / m 2.

We responded to customer needs and in comparison with the successful model X462UN, further reduced the width of the frame, while increasing the screen resolution. This, coupled with several new features that makes the NEC sets new standards in this demanding and growing market – explains Thorsten Prsybyl, Product Line Manager, Public Displays in Europe NEC Display Solutions.

With the NEC MultiSync ® X551UN manufacturer will offer a wide range of solutions for installation and set Overframe Kit, which will enable easy construction of video walls.

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH with its European headquarters in Munich, Germany, is responsible for business operations in EMEA, divided into five sales regions Northern Europe, Western Europe and South America, Central Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States including Russia and Eastern Europe and Southeast Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa. With the business benefits that entails access to knowledge and technology of NEC Corporation and its own Research and Development, is one of the world’s largest suppliers in the market by offering the broadest portfolio of products to display. The company has a wide range of monitors, from entry level to professional and specialized, such as large-format displays for digital signage applications Digital Signage, graphics, and medical monitors. Projector range offers products for various applications, from portable projectors, business projectors by, for education, 3D projectors, to products for permanent operation (such as POS systems) and digital cinema projectors. Managing Director of the European head office is Bernd Eberhardt.

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