Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Alioscopy USA Awards KaZaam!3D Exclusive Digital Signage Distribution License

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Alioscopy_logoAgreement Creates the Industry’s First Single Vendor, End-to-End Glasses-Free Retail Network Solution for Retailers and Merchandisers

Alioscopy USA, one of the world’s leading providers of auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D displays and KaZaam!3D, the first glasses-free network to provide end-to-end place-based 3D signage have signed a multi-year exclusive distribution agreement that will greatly simplify the creation and deployment of glasses-free 3D networks at the client level.

In the emerging 3D signage market, KaZaam!3D has assembled best-in-class technologies for an effortless and efficiently bundled 3D network that delivers powerful retail messages to consumers at the time they are making decisions. For the first time, retailers and merchandisers can deliver the immersive, compelling and retentive benefits of 3D marketing through a single vendor solution.

KaZaam!3D’s other partners include Technovare players, content management software from DC Media, real-time content creation tools from Applied Ideas and installation, help desk and warranty services from Eastman Kodak.KaZaam3D logo

According to Howard Weiner, CEO of KaZaam!3D, “We are pleased to offer clients a complete 3D digital solution that helps them meet their marketing and merchandising objectives easily, efficiently, and economically.” Pia Maffei, COO of Aliscopy USA concurs, stating, “KaZaam!3D understands the complexity of assembling and deploying a truly integrated eco-system of 3D signage, utilizing both proven and well known components and a capable and experienced management team.”


About Alioscopy USA

Alioscopy® develops a wide range of 3D technology solutions and services that represent one of the most significant leaps forward in auto-stereoscopic 3D display technologies. The company holds worldwide patents for auto-stereoscopic 3D hardware displays and software that produce attention-getting 3D content without the need for 3D glasses or other viewing devices. Auto-stereoscopic 3D offers an ideal business-to-business (B2B) way to solidify messaging, boost brand recognition, and garner immediate and memorable attention. Alioscopy ‘no-glasses’ 3D is perfect for: digital signage, media and entertainment, the gaming industry, point-of-sale kiosks, and real-time automotive, architecture, medical, government and military visualization. For more information, please visit

About KaZaam!3D

KaZaam!3D is a 3D digital platform provider for auto-stereoscopic (Glasses-Free) 3D digital signage displays. The Company offers a comprehensive solution to marketers for product promotion and brand marketing at the point-of-sale. KaZaam!3D’s complete solution includes, 3D content development, delivery and display technologies and software services, providing retailers and brand-marketers an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the proven benefits of 3D displays over 2D displays — significantly higher customer engagement and retention — to increase sales, encourage new product trial and improve brand awareness. For more information, please visit


Howard Weiner
hjweiner [at]
P: 312.961.1333

Pia Maffei
pmaffei [at]
P: 858-455-6400

Source: AlioscopyUSA

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