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DGScreen Turnkey SaaS Solution for Digital Signage Smashes Industry Pricing

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Feature-packed, hardware/software solution at a fraction of industry prices

DGScreen Ltd. (, an emerging leader in web-based, digital signage advertising systems will launch its flagship DGScreen SaaS digital signage solution at the DSE show in Las Vegas, 23-24 February 2011.

Designed as a turnkey, hardware/software solution and offered on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, DGScreen transforms any digital screen or TV into a powerful communication platform. DGScreen is packed with all the features we’ve come to expect from a superior digital signage solution at a fraction of the cost.

Eyal Rom, DGScreen EVP Sales & Marketing explained, “Because DGScreen is offered as a combined hardware/software solution and available on a SaaS model, we’re able to offer it at an unprecedented price. Now any business, large or small, can take advantage of digital signage technology to improve communications within their organization as well as deliver targeted advertising and messaging to their customers that enhance point of purchase marketing and improve bottom line results. “

The feature-packed DGScreen goes beyond traditional digital signage solutions to deliver cutting edge technology and unique features such as: hundreds of video templates, ad insertion synchronized with TV broadcast scene changes, self-created banners, RSS feeds and more.

DGScreen comprises the patented AdBox, a robust, compact media player which is simple to connect and easy to use. Because it is a dedicated appliance, the AdBox doesn’t require connection to a computer thereby eliminating the need for IT assistance as well as the additional software and license fees associated with such. The AdBox is designed for customization to support interactive functionality as well as a variety of media.

DGScreen also includes the web-based DGDesigner and DGManager for high quality content composition, playback, management, scheduling, distribution, real-time monitoring and reporting. Because this is a web-based solution, users can create campaigns and manage content across their digital signage networks from any internet-connected device.

Eyal Rom, continued, “DGScreen is an affordable solution which transforms any digital screen or TV into a powerful communication platform. Any business looking to reduce advertising costs, improve communications and benefit from targeted messaging can take advantage of innovative digital signage technology and start enjoying the additional revenues this unique solution offers.

” Visit DGScreen at DSE, Las Vegas, 23-24 February 2011 at booth #2207

For more information about DGScreen contact info [at]

About DGScreen (

DGScreen is an emerging leader in web-based, digital signage advertising systems. DGScreen was established in 2007 to enable all businesses, of any size, to take advantage of cutting edge digital signage technology and managed content delivery solutions to improve communications within the organization and deliver targeted advertising and messaging to customers to enhance point of purchase marketing and bottom line results.

Contact Information:
DGScreen Ltd.
Eyal Rom, EVP Marketing & Sales
Tel: +972-54-894-5202
Email: eyal [at]

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