Saturday, April 13, 2024

Media Resources Inc. Announces New Digital Billboard Plant in South Carolina

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Media Resources Inc. (MRI), a Toronto-based pioneer in digital signage, has unveiled its latest strategic expansion with the launch of a new digital billboard manufacturing plant in Fort Mill, SC. This move marks a significant step forward in MRI’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and operational efficiency across the United States, particularly benefiting customers in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions.

The Fort Mill facility, transitioning from its former life as a warehouse for MRI’s non-digital billboard hardware division, is set to become a cornerstone in the production of the company’s acclaimed VISIONiQ Digital Billboards. This initiative began with the production of a 14’x48’ digital billboard, signaling the start of a gradual ramp-up in production slated for the first half of 2024. The goal is to ensure that the new facility adheres to the high-quality standards synonymous with Media Resources’ operations across North America.

Strategically positioned near Charlotte, NC, the Fort Mill plant is poised to deliver several key advantages to MRI’s clientele. These include significantly reduced lead times, lower freight costs, and the provision of comprehensive turnkey solutions encompassing manufacturing, logistics, and installation services. This integrated approach is designed to offer a seamless and quality-assured experience, facilitated by Media Resources’ dedicated team in Fort Mill.

Highlights of this expansion include:

  • Strategic Location: The facility’s proximity to Eastern USA markets positions it as an ideal hub for the assembly and distribution of MRI’s standard VISIONiQ and SITELINE™ digital billboards, enhancing the company’s manufacturing footprint in North America.
  • Integrated Production Line: While LED Display Modules will continue to be crafted in MRI’s automated module production facility in Toronto, Canada, the Fort Mill plant will focus on assembling these modules with other components to produce complete digital billboards, ensuring high-quality standards.
  • Full Turnkey Solutions: The addition of shipping and installation services at full operational scale underscores MRI’s commitment to providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for its billboard customers, from production through to logistics and installation.
  • Future Expansion Plans: With an eye on further growth, Media Resources plans to replicate this model with an additional facility on the West Coast of North America, aimed at serving Central and West Coast customers with similar efficiency and value.

Jeff Rushton, President & CEO of Media Resources Inc., emphasized the significance of the Fort Mill facility in enhancing the company’s production capabilities and its role in providing added value and flexibility to customers. The success of this model in other parts of North America is a testament to MRI’s innovative approach to serving the out-of-home industry.

Founded in 1967, Media Resources Inc. has established itself as a leader in the development, manufacturing, and installation of both indoor and outdoor digital signage. The company’s portfolio of technologies, including VISIONiQ, SITELINE™ for outdoor signage, and TruView™ for indoor applications, underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital signage industry.

For additional information about Media Resources Inc. and its range of visual solutions, visit their website at

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